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Get proper knowledge about Psychology Internships Program: Experts Talk.

Introduction of Psychology Internships

Internship in the Psychology field has become a more demanding program for career building. Such programs or training helps to gain more practical insights into the psychology field. Working in the psychology field is challenging, and that’s why work experience is being considered by the majority.

Dozens of Institutes provide internship/training to build a promising career in psychology. Depending on your institute selection, you get knowledge and skill accordingly.

Cognizavest has been delivering high-quality training in various fields of Psychology ! Join 8K+ topper learner.

Do you need to enroll in the Internship program?

The simple and straight answer is YES. Without getting proper training, it is challenging to crack the job opportunity. As we explained above, Jobs in Psychology are very challenging, and you have to be a master in your field.

An Institute provides you with the best training with real-life case studies and practical’s. There are lots of opportunities available for virtual internships. That said, you can take online psychology internships and can get training.

Cognizavest is one of the leading platforms (recognized by Startup India Gov.) for Psychology internships online in India.

How long is a Psychology internship?

There are some options that you select for psychology training. One, two or three months internship programs are some of the opportunities for psychology students.

Why is Psychology Internship important: Experts Said

The loads of bookish classroom training maybe helpful for theoretical basics but can it be sufficient for in-depth practical application of knowledge? An internship in psychology equips you to fill up the loopholes during your didactic coursework to gain valuable skills as a budding psychologist. From case study references to innovative PowerPoint presentations and assignments makes your journey interesting, interactive and informative. Moreover, a certificate of completion by our highly experienced resource persons adds a relevant feather in your cap of resume for your future endeavors.

Ishita Munshi

The two most important things in life are our careers and Relationships in life. 70% of our life is spent in working and spending time with our loved ones. Experimenting and Live-in relationships helps us to check if we would be comfortable with our partners fir the rest of our life. Similarly, “Internship is the Live-in relationship with our careers”. It helps you get practical exposure for the field you will work in future. It also gives you a chance to check if you would be happy to continue with that career in a full-time role or not. This internship also helps students in colleges and school to make decisions about their future education in a more holistic way. In this way they save a lot of money investing on course they might not like in future.

Anmol Rana

Psychology involves studying behavior, thoughts and emotions of an individual, group, society and culture. This interaction with complex yet interesting system requires a theoretical knowledge, observation and training. We are blessed with books and internet which provides us immense knowledge yet we still lack the skills to deal with issues raised by humans and societies.
Knowledge tastes best when it is put to use. Just like that internship in psychology helps the individual to transition out of that theoretical knowledge and acquire the expertise to deal with real world. It helps an individual develop the professional proficiency to communicate with their clients, professionals, co-workers and also improve their management skills.

Pragati Prasad

What are the different types of jobs in the psychology field?

Aspirants who have completed their training or Internship in psychology can pursue a career as a psychologist in the following branches.

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Teaching and Research
  • Child Psychology
  • School Psychology
  • Organizational/Industrial Psychology
  • And more

There are a lot more in the field of psychology. And more even there are lots of opportunities to learn the psychology field.

What salary can you expect in the Psychology field once you completed your training in the Internship?

Depending on the role of Job profile in the psychology field, a person can earn an average of 2.5 lakh per annum. According to Kendra Cherry’s (An Author, Educational Consultant & Speaker) post, the highest paying psychologist career salaries average up to $167,000.

Now the question is how much a psychologist can earn in India? Well, according to data by PayScale, the average salary is INR 9,75,000 per annum.

Salary for a Psychologist, a report by payscale. Yearly salary for a clinical psychologist, counselling psychologist, child psychologist

Regarding the psychologist salary, Glassdoor has recorded a minimum of INR 315L, an Average INR 439L, and the Maximum is INR 756L per annum.

glassdoor reports on psychologist salary in India. Average salary INR439L per year

So far, we have learned about Job scope, salaries for the psychologist in a different field. Now it’s time to know how you can start your career path as a psychologist.

Due to this pandemic, online Internship becomes more demanding among psychology students. Even there are lots of opportunities working from home.

Now most of the coaching centers providing psychology internship online also. Students are taking advantage of online psychology internship/training and doing work from home.

“Cognizavest is one of the leading platforms in India (Recognized by Startup India) that delivers industry level training in Psychology. The platform drives various program for counselling psychology, child psychology, organizational psychology, clinical psychology so on”

We can later discuss all courses and coaching provided by Cognizavest. For now, let’s focus on how you can select the right institute for an internship program online.

Keep in mind while selecting an Institute/Platform for an online Internship or training.

There are several factors that you consider while taking admission in programs. And the education market is full of small-mid coaching centers for online psychology internships for undergraduate or later.

You can check the below things while selecting an institute for psychology coaching or internship

  • Trainers must be expert in their field.
  • A Dedicated Faculty team must be there.
  • A Dedicated support team must be there.
  • A Private community to discuss on various topics.
  • Fee structure should be flexible.
  • Institute should have a good reputation on Social Media
  • Course/Coaching delivery should be amazing (check Google reviews)

Considering all above factors, Cognizavest is doing great and of course the platform is delivering next level training in Psychology field.

So, What are the Internships programs available at Cognizavest?

Cognizavest providing various internship programs to enhance your skill and career. We are currently providing the below internships program.

Counselling Psychology

Know how to understand things clients don’t tell you! Counseling Psychology encompasses the interaction a mental health professional has with their client which mainly incorporates the application of specialized therapies, listening skills, empathic responding as well as observational prowess.  Learn about fees, batches, and other details.

Organizational Psychology Internship

This course aims at providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how organizational Psychology works as a field and profession, starting from the basics and extending up to its applications in practical life. You will learn about the organizational culture, organizational behavior, organizational development, competency frameworks, various types of motivations, leadership, and diversity in a workplace. This course will also give the participants an insight into mental health at the workplace and experience all tasks one has to manage to be an organizational psychologist. Learn about fees, Batches, and other details here.

Clinical Psychology Internship Program

Clinical Psychology as known for is a study of mental disorders. It involves learning, understanding, diagnosing, treating, and preventing such varied mental illnesses, abnormal behaviour and psychiatric problems using a variety of approaches. Check Fee and Batch Details.

Forensic Psychology Internship

This course aims at providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how Forensic Psychology works as a field and profession, starting from the basics and extending up to the industry-based applications. You will experience what sitting in the detective’s chair feels like to what goes on in the mind of a criminal. You will know how to understand a delinquent’s psyche in order to decode crimes. Learn about Internship Fee, Batches, etc.

Child Psychology Internships

Did you know that most of our beliefs and thought processes are stemmed from our childhood experiences? Do you know how differently a child’s brain works in contrast to the average adult brain? Hence, we bring to you an internship on Child Psychology where you can study in detail the different theories of development from prenatal to end of adolescence and the varied mental illnesses that are present in childhood along with their therapies and treatment plans. Check out the price and Batch Details.

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