A Relational Experience of how Music Impacts Mind

A Relational Experience of how Music Impacts Mind

Are you someone who just loves music to their soul? 

Do you ever feel that no amount of a long tiring day exists that the right music can’t waive off? Then hop aboard, cause this blog is just for us music enthusiasts and here I am, sharing my beautiful experience with you. 

I’ve always been the one who loves listening to new songs that release or the new albums that come out. Music has worked as a catharsis for me. A good song, meaningful lyrics for that subjective emotion has helped me build courage countless number of times that I just can’t express!

There have been times when I just don’t know what is wrong, I feel bottled up inside, as if my mind is about to explode from the innumerable thoughts and no matter what, I just can’t pinpoint that feeling of being mentally exhausted, to a single attribute, and that is when, music comes to my rescue.

There have been songs that got me out of my worst times, that helped me feel alive, that made me feel merrier and that have helped me push through and made me believe in things again. 

It is always said that a person’s playlist can tell you so much about them that we can never find out ourselves. Why is that so?

We as emotional, social, and cultural beings tend to be more in awe with the music that speaks to us. We relate the songs to our real life experiences which makes the song personal and a lot more meaningful.

Music is an emotion, a feeling that is expressed through the tune, through singing and through the beats. We are intimated by the song, as it reminds us of our personal experiences to which we try to connect emotionally, by piecing our experiences with the song in its entirety or a music of its kind. 

However, there is always a song or genre of music that exists for every single mood. It makes our mood, it makes us feel lighter as if we are floating with the lyrics and makes us fall in love with the words and the beats! It has nothing to do with our experiences, emotions or feelings because there is just one explanation, which is, they make us feel good!

Can you imagine a party without music, or a marriage without songs? It’s music that helps us seize the moment, enjoy to our fullest and connect with the people around us. Music helps us bring energy from within which we never knew existed. 

Leonard Bernstein sums it up well by saying, Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.

Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable”

It is with all my heart I say that nothing more appropriate was ever known to humanity. 

I hope my experience in any way was relevant for you. So tell me, which is the song or music that kept you alive?

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