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Amazing Team

Welcome to Cognizavest - A Leading Institute for quality training in Psychology

We started our journey in 2018, and since then, our organization has surpassed certain milestones. We are proud to say that Cognizavest has now been recognised as a DPIIT start-up by the Government of India. 

We are also proud to announce that we have successfully conducted more than 600+ events and have served 25000+ satisfied clients in the past 3 years.

Cognizavest By Number

25000+ Students

8+ Trainers

100% Success Rate

90% Satisfaction Rate

5000+ Live Classes Completed

Our Vision

We started with the vision to bridge the gap between practical and theory in education in psychology. Moving forward we are making a step forward in a vision. Our vision now adds to extending the education and awareness to local people and communities where they become aware of the importance & concept of mental health.

Our Mission

To connect to the local community and normalize the idea of mental health, make mental health services accessible to everyone and make continuous mental health a priority.

Our History

Don’t bother Googling the meaning of our name because no one but only we can tell you how we cleped our name! Cognizavest stems from two words “Cogni” which means Cognition and “Zavest” which means consciousness.

From The Founder's Desk Dr. Sakshi Seth Grover

It has been an incredible journey for Cognizavest since its conception. Our mission to provide quality psychological training, skill degradation, and support to our clients and students has seen us make a number of milestones in the past few years.
We have worked hard to develop comprehensive psychology training programs that are tailored to each individual customer, as well as provide a supportive learning environment for our students. This commitment has resulted in many satisfied clients and students who have achieved their desired outcomes through our services.
We are proud of all we have achieved so far and look forward to continuing the journey of helping people reach their learning potential. We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to grow emotionally, mentally, and physically, with no limits attached – Cognizavest is dedicated to this mission!

2018 Founder

Cognizavest's Amazing Team

Dr. Sakshi Seth Grover

Founder & Psychologist

PhD. In psychology, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Career Coach, Family Therapist & Organizational Psychologist

Dr. Richa Tyagi

Counselling Psychologist

M.A. (Psychology), Diploma in guidance and counselling, Ph.D in Psychology

Ayesha Narmawala

Rehabilitation Psychologist

B.A (Psychology), M.A (Clinical Psychology), PGDRP (RCI Regd.) (CRR no- A85502)

Nishita Muralidharan

Clinical Psychologist

B.A. (Psychology), M.A. (Counselling Psychology), M.Phil. (Clinical Psychology) RCI Registered CRR no-A69789

Devarshi Sanghvi

Counselling Psychologist

MSc (Clinical Psychology), BA (Psychology), National Level Badminton Player

Aditya Sundaray

Forensic Psychologist

BSc (Forensic Science), MSc (Forensic Psychology), PGD (Counseling Psychology), MA (Organizational and Industrial Psychology, pursuing)

Anmol Rana

Organizational Psychologist

B.TECH (Mechanical), M.Sc (Psychology and Human Resource Management) Christ University- Bengaluru

Arjun B. Hargan

Forensic Psychologist

BSc (Forensic Science), MSc (Forensic Psychology), NFSU

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