Sufferers of overthinking and the dilemma it follows

Have you ever felt yourself diving deep into the chain of thoughts that you couldn’t manage to pull yourself out of? That is probably what overthinking feels like. I once read somewhere that,

“Overthinkers are people who are buried in their own obsessive thoughts. Imagine being in a large maze where each turn leads into an even deeper and knottier tangle of catastrophic, distressing events — that is what it feels like to them when they think about the issues that confront them.”

It is true that everyone overthinks their life options and situations some or the other way. However, some of us find no escape from that train of thought as it begins. It is a loop of unending thoughts leading to no conclusion whatsoever.

Is it voluntarily thought of? No. Do we have control over it? No. Imagine facing a situation, and re-thinking it in every possible way it could have gone. Imagine having a thought or rather, a question and thinking of the innumerable consequences or answers it can have.

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The overthinkers, as we name them, have probably predicted any of the worsts and bests of a situation that can happen. Their mind is constantly at work. Even during a break, they are not a the break.

The dilemma of every single thought fighting against each other in the mind is constantly being tackled by them. Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be in the brain of an overthinker? Allow me to paint quite a picture of this scenario.

Sometimes, when we study, or do our work continuously for too long, don’t we feel mentally exhausted from all the mind work in the past hours? Imagine having that constant thought churning all the time you are awake and conscious for almost any and everything that you face. Sounds exhausting doesn’t it?

Well, just a little introduction to the world and brains of us overthinkers. I hope you find this relational in any way. More strength to all the overthinkers out there standing strong with the chaos inside their head.

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