#1 Psychology Internship Programs by Cognizavest

Cognizavest’s does not believe in theory based education. We are well known for practical based education programs. 10K+ students can’t be wrong who believed & succeeded with us.

rci registered experts

Our Trainers/Experts are RCI registered, so nothing to worry that you’ll learn from newbie. 

aim to skill development

We aim on working on your skills so that it makes you ready for future.

best learning experience

50 Batches & 10K+ successful students are proof of Cognizavest’s learning experience.

We Deliver Excellence

Practical based Learning

We deliver as much as practical sources, case studies so that students could get best of concept.

We encourage students

We are not like those who just get paid & deliver non-valuable skills. We encourage our students by awarding them for every success of their career.

Beyond the programs

You don’t get best level of education by Cognizavest, but also an exposure to deal with our real clients. 

Wait ! We have more

best learning experience

You will never disappointed with education systems, trainers and faculty. Eight thousands plus successful students are evidence of our quality.

opportunity to grow with us

Cognizavest is one of the fastest growing Institute in the field of Psychology. So, you get an opportunity to work with us. You should not miss this chance.

easy to your pocket

Cost is also a factors that makes us so popular in India. Our all Internship Programs are cost effective. And we believe you can afford this easily.

certificate & performance letter

We award Certificate along with Performance letter  once you complete Internship program with us.

120 Hours Internship Program

60 Hours Internship Program

What Our Students Says

Grishma Shukla Student

It has been a refreshing ride and it was much needed and internship fulfilled all my needs. Thank you

Dheepthi K Student

It was beyond satisfactory. I was able to learn so much in depth and my knowledge on this topic increased vastly. I never believed I would get such an amazing experience being at home. I am very grateful to Nilisha mam and Cognizavest and I look forward to attending more internships.

Ami Shah Student

My overall experience was very satisfactory and i learned much more about clinical psychology in depth and the staff as well as miss was there with us for the whole process.

Aayus Mohapatra Student

I had a really good experience. This was the next best thing to an offline internship where you get to see patients. This was amazing.

Poonam Bhargav Student

It was an amazing learning experience. Despite of being from non psychology background I learned a lot in this internship.


I am extremely happy and satisfied with the experience and to be a part of this internship programme. It has been extremely helpful and resourceful.

Dolcy Pandey Student

I really loved the internship. I had always wanted to do clinical and this internship has clearly validated my interest.


It was my first time with cognizavest and it was an amazing experience.

Bhavya Sharma Student

It was a one of its kind , better than the past internships I had enrolled in.

Ananya Berani Student

It was mind blowing. Because of this internship my reasons to pursue psychology in the future have increased. This programme has helped me understand the basics of psychology for my future endeavours. Thank you!!

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S Keerthana Student

This was my first internship programme but I felt very comfortable and learnt many things about the field of psychology. The resource person and the team buddies were very friendly and guided us rightly. The updates and details about the class was given time to time and any doubts about the programme was cleared ASAP which made the internship a pleasant experience at both the ends. Thank you team Cognizavest.

Salma Student

It was a very good experience. Each time the class was about to end I would wish it would have been of more than 1 hour because they were so intresting, informative and enjoyable.

Sidra Saaed Student

It was my best experience and learning new things which helped me through this Intership Proramme

Rachel Pinto Student

I loved the internship programme, it helped me understand more about the subject that I intend on pursuing in the near future

Mamta Student

It was one of the best internships that I have attended. Very well organised and planned internship.

Sejal Kumari Student

It was overall a good experience. It was insightful, exciting, explorative and helped us understand the use of concepts in real/practical life.

M.M.Oviya Student

Was very well organised and helped us gain knowledge about the subject. Was on point and flooded us with information. Was satisfied and very understanding faculties.

Pooja Inamke Student

While enrolling for this internship i thought it will be very from the book kind of experience. But from day 1 the activities were actual task which we as organizational psychologist have to do . It was a practical and knowledgeable experience which will help me in my further endeavours. Thank you cognizavest for this experience.

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