Diploma in Organizational Psychology


An amalgamation of talent, teamwork and fun is what drives a workforce to zenith!

Organizational Psychology presides over the matters of decreasing the gap that lies between how, by introducing necessary changes, people could feel about the work they do, and how, at present, people actually feel about their work.

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Batch Starts from 10th May 2021.

3 Month Flexi Payment option available.


Key Highlights:
Live Learning
1 Month Internship with Cognizavest
Access to Psychology Scoot Placement Cell for M.A Students.
Live Cases Interaction with Experts.
Dedicated Assistance complete during the program


Monthly Payment Plan Overview

Initial PaymentINR 5000
2nd InstalmentINR 4000
3rd InstalmentINR 4000
Please Note:
If failed to make any instalment on time it may lead to cancellation of admission in the program.

Diploma Overview

Duration:6 Months
Classes:3 Days a week
5 pm Onwards
Skill Level:Expert
Online Batch:
12 students
Internship: 1 month Included
Live Lectures:

Affiliated to ICPEM and Degree from ICPEM
(Registered under NITI AYOG- Government of India)

Who is your facilitator?

Anmol Rana
(Organizational Psychologist)

What is the program about? 

This program exposes the participant to a real-life organizational setting and orients one with a glut of complex topics with ease while covering vast topics to the most trivial details. It holds high significance for students and professionals interested in the field of Human Resources, Organizational Psychology and Mental Health. This program covers concepts which are crucial and contemporary for people wanting to accelerate their career!

Who is the program for?

This program is curated for enthusiasts who have the curiosity to learn, understand and broaden their horizon of knowledge.


B.A, M.A, M.Phil., Professionals from psychology background.

I am pursuing psychology, can I attend this course?

Yes, you can attend the program. You will gain an in-depth understanding of Counselling and psychotherapies and its state of the art application which will enable you to explore new heights in your journey. 

What is the format of the program?

  • Live lectures by a practicing Organizational Psychologist.
  • Duration – 6 months. 
  • 3 Lectures per week, 1 hour each,.
  • Unlimited Access to Lecture Recording for a duration of 6 months, till the course ends. 
  • 6 Months Access to Course Materials.
  • Assessments, Quizzes, Tasks & Case Discussions.
  • Attendance – 70% Mandatory.
  • Leaves are permitted, we value Self-Care!

What will you learn?

  • Hands-on application of management and development of Human Resources in the workplace. 
  • Dynamics of Individual and Group Dimensions and their implications in organizations.
  • Proficient Communication in a rational manner by providing scientific explanations pertaining to worker’s behavior, leading to Positive Results and Productive Environment in the Workplace.
  • Expert Training in developing a Psychological Test.
  • Comprehend & understand the First Aid that can be carried out in Mental Health problems amongst employees. 
  • Seasoned Knowledge about Principles of Ethical Practice applicable to Corporate Counselling.

Modules of the Curriculum:

Paper 1 – Organizational Behaviour (Theory)

  • -History of OB 
  • Motivation Theories, 
  • Diversity and Inclusion, 
  • Group Dynamics,
  • Introduction to Leadership, 
  • Functions of Leadership, 
  • Importance and Characteristics, 
  • Leadership style. 
  • Theories of leadership, 
  • Culture Transformation, 
  • Introduction to culture, 
  • Types of culture,
  • Framework for mapping culture 
  • Learning Theories: 
  • Rewards System, 
  • Learning Organization, 
  • Organization Structure and Design, 
  • Concept of Power, 
  • Influence Tactics in Workplace, 
  • Sources of Power, 
  • Diagnosing Power and Dependence,
  • Interpersonal Influence,
  •  Organizational Politics and Behaviour, 
  • Managing politics, 
  • Positive psychology of Leadership.

Paper 2 – Organization Development (Theory)

  • Introduction and History of OD, 
  • The Process of Organization Development, 
  • Diagnosing Organizations,
  •  Diagnosing Groups and Jobs, 
  • Collecting and Analysing Diagnostic Information, 
  • Feeding Back Diagnostic Information, 
  • Designing Interventions, 
  • Leading and Managing Change, 
  • Evaluating and Institutionalizing Organization Development Interventions,
  • Interpersonal and Group Process Approaches, 
  • Organization Process Approaches, 
  • Restructuring Organizations, 
  • Employee involvement, 
  • Work design, 
  • Performance Management, 
  • Developing Talent, 
  • Trans organizational Change, 
  • Organization Development in Global Settings.

Paper 3 – Mental Health at Workplace (Theory)

  • Definition of mental health, 
  • Myths about mental illness and stigma attached to mental illness 
  • National mental health policy;
  •  In-house Mental Health and Wellness Programme; 
  • ethical and legal issues related to mental health; 
  • Psychological first aid; 
  • Role of HR department in dealing with a person with mental health issues.
  • Multicultural issues in the workplace that may contribute to mental illness; 
  • Psycho-education. 
  • Work-life balance of employees. 
  • Common mental health issues in the workplace – depression; anxiety; Bipolar affective disorder; Schizophrenia; Personality disorders; Substance abuse. 
  • Impact of mental illness on the organization – Burnout, absenteeism, employee turnover, reduced productivity. 
  • Counselling, Mentoring, Life Coaching models and techniques. 
  • Employee Well being Programs: Yoga, Meditation, Expressive art-based Therapy.

Paper 4 – Psychometric Testing at Workplace (Practical)

  • Individual and group test: Personality, Career Interest, Motivation
  • Organizational: Interpersonal Relationship, Leadership, Work Culture, Stress and Well Being.
  • Test Construction: Steps in test construction, 
  • Item Writing: Types of items, General guidelines for item writing, 
  • Item Analysis: Meaning and Purpose, 
  • Item difficulty, Item validity, Internal consistency, Item analysis of Power and Speed Tests, 
  • Reliability and Validity: Administration on fresh sample, computing correlation coefficient, computing validity coefficients. 
  • SPSS tool analysis.
  • Project 1 – Coaching & Mentoring Session
  • Project 2 – Organization & Training Module


Diploma will be awarded by ICPEM , Marksheet by Cognizavest delivered at your doorstep.

References/Essential Readings:

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