Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapies


There’s more than just talking and listening when it comes to counselling and psychotherapies

Counselling and psychotherapies aren’t just about talking and testing, but are rather a deep dive into your subconscious mind and thought patterns that grab onto what keeps you awake at night.

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Monthly Payment Plan Overview

Initial PaymentINR 5000
2nd InstalmentINR 5000
3rd InstalmentINR 5000
Please Note:
If failed to make any instalment on time it may lead to cancellation of admission in the program.


Additional information

Process for Registration

Step 1: Select appropriate batch you wish to opt for
Step 2: Choose whether you wish to opt for Monthly Payment Option
Step 2: Complete Checkout Process and Payment
Step 3: You will receive an a google classroom invite 2 days before the program begins.
Step 4: Our team will be contacting you 2 days before the program starts for all details and briefing.

Please Note:
Our team will be contacting you for Group Registration for complete details of the group.


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