Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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Embark on a journey of comprehensive learning with this program, aiming to unravel the intricacies of organizational psychology from foundational principles to real-world applications. Explore key facets such as organizational culture, behavior, development, competency frameworks, diverse motivations, leadership dynamics, and workplace diversity. Gain valuable insights into mental health within organizational settings and immerse yourself in the diverse tasks that define the role of an organizational psychologist. This course ensures a holistic understanding, preparing participants for the multifaceted challenges of this dynamic profession.

Course Details:



  • Introduction to Organizational Psychology.
  • Learning, Training, and Development.
  • Concept of motivation.
  • Leadership Development.
  • Diversity and inclusion.
  • Organizational Culture.
  • Employee selection and development.
  • Organizational Development.
  • Mental Health and Workplace.
  • AI and Psychology
  • ML and Psychometric Assessment
  • Consumer Behavior
All topics of Beginner Level

  • AI and Psychometric Assessment
  • Coaching Tools
  • Group Behaviour
  • Marketing Psychology
  • Organizational and Employee Testing


  • Students seeking a deeper understanding of forensic psychology
  • Professionals looking to enhance their knowledge in the field
  • Individuals interested in exploring the fascinating realm of forensic psychology
  • Enthusiastic psychology learners
  • Anyone with a passion for understanding forensic psychology

Minimum Age Requirement:
Applicants must be a minimum of 16 years old.

No Prior Psychology Education Required:

The course is structured to accommodate participants with varying levels of prior knowledge in psychology.


  1. Experience the thrill of revisiting live class recordings throughout the entire course duration.
  2. Embark on a knowledge journey with exclusive access to course materials during the entire course duration.
  3. Join a lifelong community of experts and receive perpetual guidance with Lifetime Access to our Supervision Community.
  4. Choose your preferred mode of recognition with the option for an E-certificate or a tangible hardcopy certificate.
  5. Elevate your achievements with the opportunity to request a Letter of Recommendation upon successful course completion.
  6. Celebrate excellence! Stand a chance to be recognized and rewarded as one of the best performers in your batch.
  7. Navigate your career path confidently with the support of career guidance or counseling sessions available through Cognicare.

Key Highlights:

  1. Real-time Progress Tracking Quizzes: Regular quizzes ensure you’re not just learning, but also tracking your progress in real-time for a sense of achievement.
  2. Immersive Case Studies and Roleplays: Dive deep into real-world scenarios through captivating case studies and roleplays, making learning practical and applicable.
  3. Hands-On Assignment-Based Learning: Apply your knowledge with hands-on assignments that mimic real-life situations, promoting a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  4. Intimate Learning Atmosphere with Limited Group Size: Enjoy a close-knit learning experience with limited group sizes, fostering a supportive environment for better interaction and personalized attention.
  5. Practical Learning Experiences: Move beyond theory with hands-on, practical learning experiences that prepare you for real-world challenges.
  6. Learning Through Fun Activities: Engage in enjoyable, fun activities that not only make learning entertaining but also enhance understanding through interactive experiences.

Key Learnings:

  • In-Depth Understanding of Organizational Culture:
    Mastery in comprehending the dynamics, values, and norms that shape organizational culture.
  • Employee Behavior Evaluation:
    Proficient evaluation of employee behavior, delving into the underlying reasons and motivations.
  • Predictive Analysis of Workplace Behavior:
    Ability to predict and analyze employee behavior in the context of the workplace environment.
  • Organizational Development Steps:
    Knowledge and application of the various steps involved in organizational development to foster positive change.
  • Designing Learning and Development Interventions:
    Skills in creating diverse interventions for learning and development tailored to organizational needs.
  • Administration and Assessment of Organizational Variables:
    Competence in administering and assessing organizational-level variables to enhance overall effectiveness and performance.

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26 reviews for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

  1. Tracy

    Sir taught very nicely and the information given by him was helpful in my studies

  2. Dhavala Sree

    Your method of teaching is very good and made me understand concepts easily. The assignments were really engaging and insightful. This gave me a feeling of having hands-on experience. Thank you!

  3. Nourin

    The Professor was great as He taught the topics in a way that everyone could understand. He also provided us with tools to better learn the concepts. He answered all the queries that we had with much patience.

  4. Aakanksha

    It was great learning from Anmol sir. He was very helpful and his feedback on tasks motivated me to do better.

  5. Muhammad Wajid

    The mentor was insightful great at explain concept and the discussion in the lecture asking questions and making sure that everyone understand

  6. Kanak Mishra

    The teacher was very good at interacting and it was very easy to understand topics .


    our mentors were perfectly balanced, they helped us clear our doubts and have always been very clear about the topics which were being taught. the understanding process was extremely helpful.

  8. Sharin Jacob

    Sir was really great as a mentor, he gave really good examples and explanations which made the understanding of topics easy.

  9. Lenita E C H

    Sir was really great. He had so much knowledge and he taught us soo much. He was patient and calm with all of us. He teaches a little fast so sometimes I would find it hard to understand, but if I asked him again he would explain it. And he would explain the same thing no matter how many times I/we would ask him. And I really appreciated that.

  10. Hriday Bhaktani

    Sir is the best always. His way of making others understand is quite quick and sorted everytime.

  11. Dharshini S (verified owner)

    The resource person is really awesome . The way he teaches the concept is really easy to understand and the patience level is really high where he give answer for every questions during the class.

  12. Rucha Thite (verified owner)

    Really great explanations with apt examples and helpful insights

  13. Tapashi Choudhury

    The resource person was a really nice person who would properly answer each participant’s query. His made sound everything simple and easy. His words were easy to understand and remember.

  14. PREETI

    I loved the classroom activities and all the concepts were well explained.

  15. Anusha Mangalvedhe

    Anmol Sir, was quite patient and interactive with the students and made sure we all understood the concepts before moving forward with a new topic.

  16. Soumalika Basu

    Anmol sir is an expert in his field and it was wonderful to study under his tutelage.

  17. Karen Daniel

    Fantastic, a great teacher who always paused to clear doubts and made sure students were following along.

  18. Soumajit Sarkar

    I believe whatever taught to us will forever be a source of livelihood for me at least…

  19. Pooja Khandelwal

    The sessions were interactive and benificial. We were provided with all the recordings of the classes along with ppts which helped a lot.

  20. Tamil Elakkiya Srinivasan

    The program gave so much application knowledge and provided very interesting task that pushed our limits and provided us knowledge and skills

  21. Diksha

    The program was well organised and content oriented and I got lot of new things to learn

  22. BULBUL THAKRAN (verified owner)

    Great teacher. answering every doubt with patience and explained everything well.

  23. Pooja Khandelwal

    Was really helpful throughout. Took all the doubts,cooperated and interacted with the students.

  24. Asmaa Shaik (verified owner)

    He was really interactive and approachable .
    Taught well . It was really helpful and got the opportunity to learn more

  25. Sujith Gv (verified owner)

    He is straight forward, on point and updated.

  26. Sahana S (verified owner)

    He was good

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