Forensic Psychology

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About the Course :

This program is designed to establish the foundation of forensic psychology and the crucial measures in a psychological criminal investigation in the Indian judiciary. The trainee would be involved in real-time learning as well as researching in the fulfillment of understanding the practical approach of Forensic Psychology.

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Course Details:

Key Highlights:


Additional Accreditation & Recognition :-


  • Understanding Forensics
  • The Indian Policing System
  • Forensic Psychology as a stream
  • Chain of Custody in Psychological Investigation-
  • Roles of Forensic Psychologist-
  • Interview, Interrogation, and Mental Status Examination-
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Neurological Aspects of the Investigation
  • Importance of environment in investigation
  • Indian Evidence Act, 1872
All Beginner Level Topics 

  • Forensic Investigative Techniques
  • Case studies
  • Child Interviewing
  • Role plays
  • Theories pertaining to crime
  • Language for an investigator
  • Case Management
  • Understanding EEG techniques
  • Victim Investigations
  • Importance of environment in investigation
  • Indian Evidence Act, 1872
  • Investigation of victims and witnesses
  • Biases against suspects
  • False allegations

Key Learnings of the Program :

  • Understanding Forensics
  • How the Police works
  • What is the legal protocol
  • defining crimes
  • roles of a forensic psychologist
  • investigating for psychological evidence

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50 reviews for Forensic Psychology

  1. Roni Devi Nongthombam

    Aditya Sir is quiet amazing and I like his teaching style. Best trainer so far.

  2. Khwahish

    Aditya Sir used to interact with each one of us. If I talk about me, I am a person who would not get mixed with strangers easily, but Aditya Sir created a very comfortable environment that even I used to answer and interact in the class and got mixed within just a month. He’d not only teach topics limited to the course, but he’d also give general information of Forensics, and give advice about the future & scopes in the field of Forensics. He used to clear all the doubts and sometimes, he’d even end the lecture late (which disturbed his schedule) because we had doubts.

  3. ANAGHA (verified owner)

    He had a vast knowledge on the subject. He was so friendly. Overall it was an awesome experience for me.

  4. Mahek

    Our Resource Person was Aditya Sunderay. He took our lectures as well as gave us tasks. Despite this being a new subject for me, Sir explained it in a way that I had no difficulty. He is an informative and kind person.

  5. Danica Pereira (verified owner)

    It was an amazing experience and hands down one of the best online course

  6. Aditi Singh (verified owner)

    This program was so interactive and insightful , i got to learn and know so many things at the beginner level, i loved how we were assessed through weekly quizzes, and the facilitator was really great at explaining concepts and clearing all my doubts. Hoping to attend more programmes like these.

  7. Gare Emmanuel (verified owner)

    I had a great experience throughout my journey. Lectures are very interesting and very impactful.

  8. Hanshika Gupta (verified owner)

    This programme was very informative and the assignments which were given weekly helped in revising and enhancing the information in the topic

  9. Glenda B George

    He was able to teach each topic clearly. He was able to give easily understandable examples throughout the classes.

  10. Deeptakshika Arya (verified owner)

    Brilliant teaching techniques and good interaction.

  11. Persis Daruwalla (verified owner)

    I learnt a lot from sir. He is easy to understand in his explanations and the classes are pretty interactive which helps with focus and building interest

  12. Faza Eliza Usmani

    The Resource Person was very knowledgeable person, with his experience in the field of subject, the theories and learning was clearly understood by us.

  13. Revathi Iyer (verified owner)

    “Aditya Sir was very patient and knowledgeable
    His delivery style was effective. He guided me well and answered doubts clearly. I really enjoyed doing the assignments. They enriched the whole experience “

  14. Diksha Deb

    Aditya sir has delivered the content quite well. Lectures were to the point and informative.

  15. Disha B S (verified owner)

    Sir made the classes very interactive, practical based and easy to learn and understand

  16. Behara Lahari (verified owner)

    One of my Best teacher : Aditya sundaray sir , thank you for your teaching and support , best experience ever I had , it is useful for my career . Thank you sir !

  17. Mohammed Shaheen (verified owner)

    Very good knowledge and the way he delivers and makes students understands is amazing

  18. Arsharaj K (verified owner)

    Great teaching abilities, keeps the class interesting and portions were well organised and taught.

  19. SRINIVASAN S (verified owner)

    Made clear about the topics and let us to practice some of the cases

  20. Tanishq Soni (verified owner)

    Very well lit subject knowledge. Engaging when it comes to doubt clearing.

  21. Monisha Rajesh (verified owner)

    Our sir was a very good teacher who made the course very intriguing and very interested to learn. He is the reason the course was very great

  22. Kiran Kumar.t.s (verified owner)

    He is so kind and helpful during this course.
    New experience in learning this course.Its very interesting.

  23. Sravani Sudha Peddineni (verified owner)

    Sir is good in all aspects as a professor
    I liked the program and informative for a beginner got intrested as time passed on forensics.

  24. Rayesree Rakshit (verified owner)

    They were a great mentor.
    It was an excellent experience.

  25. Diya Poddar (verified owner)

    Well taught, good examples,
    It was structured well. And nicely executed.

  26. SAI NEERAJ N (verified owner)

    sir was very good and professional in the class

  27. Hanshika Gupta (verified owner)

    All the tutors were knowledgeable and taught with utmost clarity
    This programme was very informative and the assignments which were given weekly helped in revising and enhancing the information in the topic

  28. Jeroshini J

    Resourceful person

  29. Drishya TV

    Very good

  30. Heer Pandya (verified owner)

    The resource person is wise with knowledge and encourages discussion and discipline.

  31. Anushya B (verified owner)

    Excellent teaching was given

  32. Sneha Mohite

    Fantastic. He explained every detail in depth. Any doubts we had were cleared and he gave good examples which made it easier to understand.

  33. Teja Shree A

    Teaching skills are great

  34. Trishna Bor

    Cooperative, listen and clears doubts regarding any topics, treated learners equally and valued our responses and participation. Inshort, Cool.

  35. Paridhi Raut (verified owner)

    Sir taught us forensic psychology very well. and also made sure that the classes are interactive ..overall it was a very good experience

  36. Aishvarya Raveendiran

    The course instructor, Arjun Hargan, made the classes immensely interesting. He made sure that every student was clear with the topic which was being taught. Great instructor!

  37. Ganugula Sri Bhavana

    Arjun sir has been an amazing teacher. Thank you Arjun Sir.

  38. Sejal Zile (verified owner)

    Arjun sir teaches very well and we have also understood very well

  39. Akshaya Biju (verified owner)

    Past one month was a great experience as we got to learn more about forensic psychology in depth.

  40. Sejal Zile (verified owner)

    Arjun sir teaching was good and we can understood very well

  41. Karuna Sabharwal (verified owner)

    Gave productive information and facts.

  42. Ayushi Gaur

    The resource person did their duty well. It was a wonderful experience with team Cognizavest.

  43. Naila Amjad

    The Resource Person was very cooperative and helpful.

  44. Ritika Nair (verified owner)

    Good experience

  45. Hitesh Motwani (verified owner)


  46. Nandana Ashok (verified owner)

    It was a good session.overall it was okey

  47. Akanksha Salunkhe (verified owner)

    Good knowledge

  48. Ankita Das (verified owner)

    Very helpful in terms of doubt clarification, topic explanation or miscellaneous queries.

  49. Qurrathulain (verified owner)

    Thank you for helping me understand the subject as it was new to me and motivating me to move forward with the course.

  50. Anisha Trivedi

    Sir was amazing!

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