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Empower yourself with enhanced counseling skills through this program, designed to deepen your understanding and adaptability in the field. Explore a comprehensive understanding of various disorders, and delve into crucial elements such as termination. This program not only equips students with practical counseling insights but also provides a valuable opportunity for a nuanced comprehension of complex psychological disorders.

Course Details:



Beginner Level  Intermediate Level 
  • Introduction To Counseling
  • Introduction To Counselling
  • History Taking And Diagnosis,
  • History Taking Process And MSE
  • Models Of Psychology And Problem Conceptualization
  • Counselling Micro Skills
  • Counseling Action Skills
  • ADHD
  • Conduct
  •  Anxiety
  • Depression
  • LD
  • Autism/ASD/SPD
  • Behavior Therapy
  • CBT
    • JJ Act
    • Ethics And Termination
  • Usage and Types of Counselling and Different Perspectives on Counselling.:
    • Behavioral,
    • Psychodynamic,
    •  cognitive and humanistic
  • Bio psychosocial model,
  • Goals of counseling
  • Skills of counselor
  • General principle of care
  • Communication skills,
  • Probing skills,
  • Clarification skills,
  • Reflecting skills,
  • Empathy skills,
  • Unhelpful questions,
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Case Formulation,
  • Case Histories, MSE.
  • Understanding Neurotic Disorders
    • Depression,
    • Personality Disorder
    • Eating Disorder
    • Behavioral Disorders
    • Learning Disorders.
  • Use of cognitive and behavioral therapy
  • Art-based therapy and play therapy in different setups
  • Assessment in Counselling Setup (Non-Diagnostic)
    • Personality,
    • Career Assessment,
    • Stress,
    • ADHD Checklist
    • IQ
    • LD


  • Students seeking a deeper understanding of counseling psychology
  • Professionals looking to enhance their knowledge in the field
  • Individuals interested in exploring the fascinating realm of counseling psychology
  • Enthusiastic psychology learners
  • Anyone with a passion for understanding counseling psychology

Minimum Age Requirement:
Applicants must be a minimum of 16 years old.

No Prior Psychology Education Required:

The course is structured to accommodate participants with varying levels of prior knowledge in psychology.


  1. Experience the thrill of revisiting live class recordings throughout the entire course duration.
  2. Embark on a knowledge journey with exclusive access to course materials during the entire course duration.
  3. Join a lifelong community of experts and receive perpetual guidance with Lifetime Access to our Supervision Community.
  4. Choose your preferred mode of recognition with the option for an E-certificate or a tangible hardcopy certificate.
  5. Elevate your achievements with the opportunity to request a Letter of Recommendation upon successful course completion.
  6. Celebrate excellence! Stand a chance to be recognized and rewarded as one of the best performers in your batch.
  7. Navigate your career path confidently with the support of career guidance or counseling sessions available through Cognicare.

Key Highlights:

  1. Real-time Progress Tracking Quizzes: Regular quizzes ensure you’re not just learning, but also tracking your progress in real-time for a sense of achievement.
  2. Immersive Case Studies and Roleplays: Dive deep into real-world scenarios through captivating case studies and roleplays, making learning practical and applicable.
  3. Hands-On Assignment-Based Learning: Apply your knowledge with hands-on assignments that mimic real-life situations, promoting a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  4. Intimate Learning Atmosphere with Limited Group Size: Enjoy a close-knit learning experience with limited group sizes, fostering a supportive environment for better interaction and personalized attention.
  5. Practical Learning Experiences: Move beyond theory with hands-on, practical learning experiences that prepare you for real-world challenges.
  6. Learning Through Fun Activities: Engage in enjoyable, fun activities that not only make learning entertaining but also enhance understanding through interactive experiences.

Program Key Takeaways:

  • Conceptualization and Understanding of Counseling:
    Mastery in conceptualizing and understanding the principles, theories, and techniques involved in counseling.
  • Ethics and Laws of Counseling:
    In-depth knowledge of the ethical principles and legal frameworks governing counseling practices.
  • Understanding Basic Concepts of Disorders:
    Proficiency in recognizing and comprehending fundamental concepts related to psychological and emotional disorders.

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26 reviews for Counseling Psychology

  1. Sanya Jain

    it was an amazing program. i really liked it.

  2. Prerna Kuksal

    it was a great experience and want to learn more from her

  3. Swastika Jain

    it was a great experience

  4. Sakshi Khatri

    it was really nice

  5. Vaishnavi Kulkarni

    i loved the program! it was more about the actual practicing than just theory

  6. Amrita (verified owner)

    Loved the course, it was condensed and precise and good for beginners and semi-advanced people.

  7. Sai sulakshini (verified owner)

    The program was really interesting and good… being from non psychology background i was afraid i would be able to catch up anything…. But the program was really nice and the assignments and role play really helped

  8. Harshini

    Taught us with excellence. Really patient, listened to every quiery, answer every question and brilliant in the work.

  9. Prateek (verified owner)

    Well informed with so much experience and expertise in the field

  10. Khushi

    Amazingly talented and full of knowledge. She made the internship so insightful and informative. Got to learn so much. I am glad I did it

  11. Apurva

    Ma’am is also really good and cooperative and rest of the coordinating team too. I’d definitely recommend anyone who wants to learn something related to psychology.

  12. Nandika Thirunavukkarasu

    The resource person was really good. Even if the students asked to repeat any topic or if they didn’t understand anything she would make sure that they understand it.

  13. Zainab Bi Shaikh (verified owner)

    She was the one who made learning fun. Made sure we understood whatever it is and helped us when needed.

  14. Sanjeevani Deoghare


  15. Efa Khan (verified owner)

    The way of teaching is so good.

  16. Urja Vora

    The facilitator has great knowledge of the subject and she was really good at teaching.

  17. Nowfal Abdul Hakeem (verified owner)


  18. Farheen G Mohammed (verified owner)

    It was a good and interactive experience

  19. Sunanda Behera (verified owner)

    She is the best . Her word was so understandable.

  20. Latha C (verified owner)

    Very well organised

  21. Anshuman V Ramani (verified owner)

    She is amazing at her communication skills and the way she explains the concepts

  22. Anshuman V Ramani (verified owner)

    Dr Sakshi is amazing at her communication skills and the way she explains the concepts

    The program was very good. Dr. Sakshi is very learned and a good teacher

  23. Saee Hengle (verified owner)

    Great explanation with examples, teaching were easy to understand as well as very indulging
    This programme was not only theory based but also practical which will help me more in application of that knowledge

  24. Mary Francis (verified owner)

    She is excellent and very dedicated
    Gained a lot of knowledge and also tools for counselling

  25. Manisha Parashar (verified owner)

    Nice educational, interactive classes
    It is really nice, educational,and interactive programme … Boosts confidence as well

  26. Komal Payak

    It was amazing learning and exploring the field with Richa ma’am. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It was a really good, i got to learn so much.

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