Child Psychology

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About the Course :

This program explores in detail the different theories of development from prenatal to the end of adolescence and the varied mental illnesses that are present in childhood along with their therapies and treatment plans.

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Course Details:

Key Highlights:


Additional Accreditation & Recognition :-


  • Minimum Age 16
  • Anyone interested in child psychology can enroll from any background


Beginner Level Intermediate Level
What is a child? 

What are child development and milestones? 


  • Vygotsky 
  • Piaget
  • Kohlberg
  • Harlow and Harlow 
  • Bowlby theory and link to parenting style

Child and school behavior  

Play therapy

Child-specific disorders: 

  • ID externalizing (ADHD, ODD, ASD, Conduct) 
  • Internalizing (depression, separation anxiety disorder, reactive attachment disorder )


  • SFBT
  • GDT
  • ISAA


  • Behavior therapy
  • Social Skills Training
  • Solution-Focused Therapy and parental counseling

Teenage Issues

All topics of the Beginner  Level

  • Introduction/play/types of play
  • Styles of Parenting
  • Family Lifestyles and Influences
  • Emotional Development
  • Social Development (2 classes)
  • Cognitive development
  • Sociocultural development, moral development
  • Language development
  • Externalizing Disorders
  • Internalizing Disorders
  • LD
  • Autism/Pervasive Developmental disorders
  • Assessment 1
  • Assessment 2
  • Play therapy
  • Behavior Modification 1
  • Behavior Modification 2
  • CBT for Children 1
  • CBT for Children 2
  • POCSO/JJ/Cybersecurity
  • Life Skills Education for children


Key Learnings of the Program :

  • To identify any mental/ emotional/ cognitive deficits/ conflicts in the child.
  • Trained in various psychological tools that are used in assessing the strength and deficits in the child. Evidence-based management for the same.
  • Understand basic milestones 
  • Play therapy 
  • Understand the concept of basic theories
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38 reviews for Child Psychology

  1. Vaishali

    Our faculty was the really knowledgeable. her teaching style was really good she gave her time and guidance throughout this internship .

  2. Harishma

    The way Richa ma’am presented each topic was unique in her way. She always tried to bring out the best from all the students. The classes were interactive and everyone was able to share their views. So I would suggest that the platform provided by Cognizavest is very resourceful .

  3. Mankeerat Kaur

    Ma’am was extremely supportive in answering every single queries and resolving our doubts.

  4. Anjana Minz (verified owner)

    Ma’am is a great resource person, her class was easy to follow and was interesting as well.

  5. Meghna M Chadayan (verified owner)

    The coaching was very nice. So much informative. A good overall experience.

  6. Nikita Patlan (verified owner)

    Nice faculty


    It’s was such a best knowledge i gained from Richa mam, as I’m a doc by profession it’s really gonna help me so best n thanks to u mam

  8. Athena Esther Philip

    informative classes with plenty of case studies

  9. Aditi Shrivastava

    For my first time, this course and the team provided me confidence and knowledge. I enjoyed my experience as a part of this program.

  10. Abhilasha Bandi (verified owner)

    Excellent teaching

  11. Linda Balode (verified owner)

    It was great experience, the ma’am was doing her job very well. I enjoyed my experience with Cognizavest.

  12. Aanyaa Khokhar (verified owner)

    Very knowledgeable

  13. Jaya Priya Srinivas (verified owner)


  14. Kasim Bee (verified owner)

    Was very enlightening and practical session

  15. Ritu Bhatt (verified owner)

    Great choice for enhancing my knowledge

  16. Sanchita Chakraborty (verified owner)

    It was an enriching session for a month.

  17. Gowri Nair

    it was organised in a very decent manner and each and every classes were interesting. This classes has lead to my overall progress in this field. I’m very thankful to cognizavest for conducting such classes.

  18. Simran Dang (verified owner)

    She is excellent

  19. Linda Balode (verified owner)

    Richa ma’am teached the concept very well and cleared any doubts and questions that I had.

  20. HIMANI BHARDWAJ (verified owner)

    Being associated with the subject for years the kind of knowledge Richa ma’am shared with us is precious for us. Very insightful, looking forward to attending more of her classes.

  21. Ameesha Awana

    Richa Maam is very knowledgable, the way she prepares the PPT was amazing. I felt very comfortable in asking questions in her class, and she cleared all my doubts.

  22. Dipika Chawda


  23. Vibhuti Bhurke (verified owner)


  24. Insha Bashir (verified owner)

    She is a great personality and her experiences helped in clarification of concepts.

  25. Aayushi Agarwal (verified owner)

    Loved the educator, she was really good with her work

  26. Dhanalakshmi Venugopal (verified owner)

    Richa ma’am was very communicative and responsive .

  27. SONAM YADAV (verified owner)

    “Thank you so much ma’am for being the person you are I could learn new after a long time and it was worth the time spent. To learn from a teacher like you I would cross rivers and climb hills. Wish I could also get such amazing teachers at my college for subjects like chemistry and physics. You made the subject 100 times better. Your case studies were amazing. I’m very interested in criminal psychology and it amazes me how each action is related to past traumas. And after you taught I researched even more.

  28. Tanya Sutaria (verified owner)

    gave the best overview of the course

  29. Sakshi Rai (verified owner)

    Really helpful

  30. Chantal Meril Michael


  31. Dr Minakshi Mohanty (verified owner)

    Richa ma’am explained all domain properly.

  32. Madhuryaa Murali (verified owner)

    Very informative and interactive

  33. Shalini Chowdhary (verified owner)

    Mam was very supportive and helpful. All my doubts and questions were solved and answered. Looking forward to learn more from her.

  34. Grace Veronica (verified owner)

    Loved your energy

  35. Shravani Kadam (verified owner)

    Dr.Richa Tyagi was very good in her presentations and preparation. Learned a lot of things from the course.

  36. Pearl Fernandes (verified owner)

    Very good job keep it up!

  37. Tisa Rozario (verified owner)

    The teacher was very kind and very polite and a very nice person, because of such a good teacher I could learn many new things.

  38. K MEGHA SAI (verified owner)

    Loved the teachings

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