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Are classes happening live?

Absolutely! Imagine attending a virtual classroom party – all our classes are live, and guess what? We’re not just leaving it at that. We’re the rockstars of education, so we also record these epic sessions!

Are there learning insights like PPTs and reading material?

Oh, you bet there are goodies! After you’ve had a blast in class, we’re going to hand you your own treasure trove of PPTs and reading material. It’s like getting a backstage pass to knowledge!

Will my certificates be the globetrotters of the recognition world?

You’re not just getting a piece of paper; you’re getting a golden ticket that’s recognized globally! Our certificates are like your passport to showcasing your brilliance around the world.

How do I hand in my awesome tasks?

Get ready to strut your stuff! Just whip up your tasks and toss them over to us on Google Docs or Google Slides. It’s like throwing a creativity confetti!

Are Cognizavest internships the real deal?

Absolutely! Our internships are more recognized than a celebrity selfie. IAOTH gives us the thumbs-up, so you’re in for an experience that’s both dazzling and impactful

How long’s the after-party for recordings?

You’ll have access to all the class recordings until you’ve got that certificate in your hands. It’s like having a time machine that lets you relive the magic!

How quick’s the certificate magic?

We’re all about speed, but not the crazy-fast roller coaster kind. Your certificate will be uploaded 8-10 days after the internship takes off. You’ll be flaunting that accomplishment before you know it!

Internship vs. Psychology course – spill the beans!

It’s a dance-off between theory and practice! A psychology course is your theory playground, with a 50-50 split between brain workouts and hands-on learning. But when it’s internship time, you’re diving deep into 70% practical adventures and splashing around in 30% theory puddles.

How’s the classroom party going down?

We’re throwing the ultimate virtual bash on Google Meet! And the good times don’t stop there – we’re also posting all the good stuff on Google Classroom. It’s like your own edu-party headquarters!

When’s the invite to the coolest club after payment?

Hold onto your excitement hats! You’ll get the VIP treatment with an invite to our WhatsApp group and Google Classroom. The party’s starting just a day or two before the course, so you’re all set to dive in headfirst!

Can I dial up my teachers for a chat?

While we don’t have a direct hotline to your teachers, you can always send them a snazzy email or chat up your team leader. We’re all about keeping the lines of communication open!

Can I get a refund after the course has started?

Unfortunately, refunds might not be available once the course has kicked off. But hold onto your hats, because there’s another exciting option waiting for you!

What’s this alternative option you’re talking about?

Say hello to the “batch shift”! It’s like a cool lane change on your learning journey. If your current schedule isn’t jiving with your course, you can shift to another batch that suits you better with a small fee. Think of it as a chance to sync up your learning groove.

Am i eligible for the psychology course/ internship

Yes you are, The internships provided by us are for psychology students and the psychology courses are open for all

Do you provide us with an lor?

Yes for sure, We do provide with LORs on request

43 reviews for Counselling Psychology Internship

  1. Viveka

    The course was very well structured, informative and organised. Impeccably Knowledgeable and Experienced faculty who was imparting forth so much about the theory and practice of Counselling Psychology. Great Experience in a nutshell.

  2. Kamya Shah (verified owner)

    It was a very great experience. Got theoretical as well as practically knowledge.

  3. Parinitha Kodali (verified owner)

    The internship was very nice and interactive and it was very knowledgeable. I got to learn so many new things and also worked on them. Thank you for giving us a very good and informative sessions


    The course was well structured. It was kept short and sweet. It was a great experience learning from Richa mam. Enjoyed every classes. Gained a lot of knowledge about counselling psychology. Thank you for upskilling us.

  5. Nishika Chowdhary (verified owner)

    Firstly thanks for having us . It was a really great experience . The courses was very apt for anyone who joined . Live interaction made the class more lively and interesting . Thank you Richa ma’am for improving our knowledge in the subject .

  6. Harshita Gupta (verified owner)

    It was really a great experience and thank you Richa ma’am for improving our knowledge and made the class interesting.

  7. Prerana Srikanth (verified owner)

    It was really a very good experience … learnt alot of things regarding counselling… thank you Richa ma’am for making the class very interesting

  8. Shahma Muhi (verified owner)

    I loved this program. I gained insight about what counselling really is and the class was interactive as we dealt with a lot of cases. Thank you Richa ma’am!!

  9. Diya (verified owner)

    It was a lovely experience. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot of things. The classes were interactive, Richa ma’am explained things with a lot of details and examples. There were role plays as well which helped in a greater understanding. Overall, the internship was knowledgeable.

  10. Khushboo Thadani (verified owner)

    Everything in the organisation was really organised and systematic!
    Very well taught

  11. Swastika Jain (verified owner)

    It was a great experience. Richa ma`am is a wonderful teacher. Her teaching techniques are superb.

  12. Prerna Kuksal

    It should extend the time period as it is quiet interesting program and also the coach or the trainer (Richa Tyagi) was awesome
    It was a great experience and want to learn more from her.

  13. Lal Rinawmi

    Very good teaching, considering that the class is virtual with a limited amount of time.

  14. Rajasree Raju (verified owner)

    great mentor

  15. Shiwani Chandra (verified owner)

    Resource person have been very attentive to our needs, reply for queries were always provide.

  16. Silbati

    Great exposure

  17. Tanya Bhar


  18. Isha Kataria


  19. Sai Sulakshini

    Richa mam was really helpful and she kept the class really engaging…. It is one of the best classes i have attended

  20. Apurva Raje

    Ma’am is also really good and cooperative and rest of the coordinating team too. I’d definitely recommend anyone who wants to learn something related to psychology.

  21. Khushi Singhal

    Amazingly talented and full of knowledge. She made the internship so insightful and informative. Got to learn so much. I am glad I did it

  22. Anjali Mewlani (verified owner)

    amazing, loved it. She was very thorough with the topics.

  23. Kiranpreet Kaur (verified owner)

    She was very sweet and made us understand things easily

  24. Bhavana

    I had amazing time in got more practical experience on counseling sessions , the mentor was really kind , patient and taught us it great passion .

  25. Jiya

    Sakshi ma’am is kind and resourceful. She took time to answer questions and made the sessions very interactive

  26. Vanshika

    Dr. Sakshi Seth Grover is a great facilitator… She made the learning so much more easier and quick to understand… She had great patience do deal with our every single doubt..

  27. Asma

    Really good hold of knowledge

  28. Rahiq (verified owner)

    This was one of the best experience here. Great internship with amazing faculty to guide and mentor.

  29. Ishita Jain (verified owner)

    Very different from other organisations. The faculty was very calm and repeated as many times as we asked. Loved everything.

  30. Isha Arora

    The course was very well structured, informative and organised. Sakshi ma’am is a great facilitator. She explained all the concepts in a easy way. Overall it was a great experience.

  31. Shehjaar Kaul

    Ma’am was really great, she explained theoretical concepts well and took a lot of interesting activities in class. I would have liked if she had explained Case History in more detail, such as what to do if all info is not provided, or provided more personal feedback with respect to counseling skills.

  32. Anandee Chauhan (verified owner)

    The program was extremely insightful. I learnt a lot about not just the process of counselling but also myself. The tasks that we were given were both challenging and enjoyable, it pushed our brains to think and brainstorm. The program was satisfactory.

  33. Aashi Mehta (verified owner)

    Fun interactive sessions, great pace of teaching and concise to the point discussions

  34. Aryan Saini (verified owner)

    Very kind and patient

  35. Anisha Bharatia (verified owner)

    The supervisor was very informative and helpful. Learned a lot of new things from her.

  36. Annie Jyoti Sarkar


  37. Shweta Sharma (verified owner)

    Ma’am taught in a way that felt she’s been my teacher from a long time and learnt many new things in the course.

  38. Annika Narayana

    Saakshi Maám was quite interactive person, she always cleared all the doubts, corrected us when she seemed it necessary and also explained the curriculum well. Though she was sick she took the time to take the class, which is appreciative.

  39. Khushi Bid (verified owner)

    Resource person was articulate and clear with their speech and topics. The program was very insightful and active.

  40. Vishwa Patel

    It was amazing journey, and as I am already pursuing my bachelor’s in psychology it helped me a lot to learn.

  41. Dhanya Bopanna M (verified owner)

    Very informative and enjoyed learning and interacting.

  42. Antara Jaisingh (verified owner)

    very well organised, only took time for the certificates

  43. M. Fouziya Fareen (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the teaching of Richa ma’am. The sessions were informative with examples from her experiences.

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