Industrial and Organizational Psychology Internship

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Program Overview:

This program aims at providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how organizational psychology works as a field and profession, starting from the basics and extending up to its applications in practical life. You will learn about organizational culture, organizational behavior, organizational development, competency frameworks, various types of motivations, leadership, and diversity in a workplace. This program will give an insight into mental health in the workplace and experience all tasks one has to manage to be an organizational psychologist.

Fee Structure:

60 Hours 120 Hours 240 Hours
INR 2200  INR 2700  INR 3500 
  • 10% Group discount applicable for 3+ students
  • 15% Group discount applicable for 7+ students


  • Bachelors Students (Completed or Pursuing Psychology)
  • Masters students (Completed or Pursuing Psychology)

Program Highlights

  • Includes Case Studies (Minimum 10)
  • Role-Plays conducted
  • Dedicated Q&A sessions
  • Quizzes to track your progress
  • Various Training Sessions
  • Group Discussions
  • Research Work

Program Details:

Registration open for batches:

  • 09th June 2023 
  • 24th June 2023
  • 10th July 2023
  • 24th July 2023

100% Online Live Program
Program language is English


60 Hours 120 Hours 240 Hours
1 Month 1 Month 2 Months

Live Classes Schedule:

60 Hours 120 Hours 240 Hours
Monday- Wednesday- Friday Monday to Saturday Monday to Saturday


Live Classes Timings:

Batch Starting From Timings For Live Classes
09th June 2023 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm (1 Hour)
24th June 2023 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm (1 Hour)
10th July 2023 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm (1 Hour)
24th July 2023 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm (1 Hour)

In 240 hours the first month will be live classes and the second month will be Self Paced Module with weekly live classes.

Daily Time Dedication:

60 Hours 120 Hours 240 Hours
2 Hours Daily 4 Hours Daily 4 Hours Daily
  • The time mentioned includes live class and work on tasks
  • Work on tasks time is completely flexible throughout the day as per your convenience

Program Content:

60 Hours 120 Hours 240 Hours
  • Introduction to Organizational Psychology.
  • Learning, Training, and Development.
  • Concept of motivation.
  • Leadership Development.
  • Diversity and inclusion.
  • Organizational Culture.
  • Employee selection and development.
  • Organizational Development.
  • Mental Health and Workplace.
  • AI and Psychology
  • ML and Psychometric Assessment
  • Consumer Behavior
All 60 Hours Topic

  • AI and Psychometric Assessment
  • Coaching Tools
  • Group Behaviour
  • Marketing Psychology
  • Organizational and Employee Testing
All 120 Hours Topic

  • Developing Psychometric Tools
    • Item Analysis 
    • Standardization
    • Tool Reporting 
    • Future Of Testing 
    • Reliability and Validity
  • HR and Cognitive Psychology 
  • Organization Structure 
  • Business Etiquettes 
  • Research Methodology in Organizational Setup 
  • Group Behavior, Power, and Politics
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Change Management 
  • Statistics in Organization Setup


  • Recording Access to live classes till the program ends.
  • Program Materials access till the program ends.
  • Lifetime Access to Cogniscape (A psychology Community of Students, Trainers, Teachers, and Field Experts around the country)
  • Avail Free Counselling Under CogniCare till the program ends*
  • Hardcopy & E- Certificate from Cognizavest

What Will You Learn?

  • In-depth understanding of organizational culture and Structure
  • Evaluation of employee behavior and the reasons behind it.
  • Predicting the employee’s behavior in the workplace.
    Understanding the various steps involved in Organizational Development.
  • Creating various learning and development interventions and psychometric Assessments
    To assess organizational and employee variables
  • Hands-on organizational research methods and tools experience
  • Driving change interventions in Organizations
  • Application of Cognitive Psychology concepts in an organizational context

Process for Registration

  1. Select the desired hours
  2. Select the batch dates
  3. Proceed to checkout and make the payment
  4. You will receive a payment confirmation and details on your email id and on WhatsApp.
  5. Just sit back and relax! Our team will be contacting you 1 day prior to the program begins for all details and briefing.
  6. You will be pinged by our team 1 day before to onboard you on this journey.

66 reviews for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Internship

  1. Rhutuja Prabhawalkar

    It was a great experience. The faculty was very resourceful and the assignments given were very thought provoking and creative.

  2. Kshitija Ghan

    It was a good experience. Loved the assignments that were assigned to us.

  3. Uttara Mali

    I had a wonderful experience doing the internship. The best part about the internship was that the feedback given by the teacher helped me to improve my performance in the next task.

  4. Shivani

    It was really an enlightening and inspiring experience. It gave me a much clear view of the path that I eill be choosing ahead in my life.

  5. Sanjeebani

    It was an interesting internship. Good mentors and flexible team coordinators. Good content but very strict marking.

  6. Aishwarya vinod (verified owner)

    I found this internship really informative and helpful. One of the most enjoyable internship I have ever attended I feel like I have gained a lot of sides about the topics. Our mentor was very knowledgeable and offered valuable information and tips

  7. ADITI BHARTIYA (verified owner)

    It’s really amazing and informational. Loved it

  8. Raashi Panchal (verified owner)

    It has been an amazing opportunity. I have always been interested in organisation behaviour and the I/O internship really gave an overview of the working of the field.

  9. Nidhi Panchal (verified owner)

    The mentor was really insightful and the internship program was an amazing experience for me. The curriculum and the assignments were well-designed and interesting. The most appreciative part was the feedback given on each assignment which makes you reflect upon your understanding and application part.

  10. Nidhi Panchal (verified owner)

    The mentor was really insightful and the internship program was a wonderful learning experience overall. The curriculum was well-designed and the assignment were stimulating. The most appreciative part was the feedback given on each assignment which makes you reflect upon your understanding and application part.

  11. NAOMI DUARTE (verified owner)

    it was an amazing experience . The speaker was great at explaining the concepts . Great stuff.

  12. Devika Tilala

    It’s nice

  13. Ascentia Dorathy A (verified owner)

    It has been great experience for me. And this made a very good platform for my profession. Thank you team.

  14. Sakshi Kulkarni (verified owner)

    It was an absolutely amazing experience. This internship truly made me realize that my decision for taking organizational psychology as my career was worth of. Very good and flexible hours, brilliant mentor, great tasks and overall understandable explanation. Looking forward for such beautiful internships.

  15. Lisa Yadav (verified owner)

    It was an interesting and especially creative internship. I literally enjoyed learning all about organization Psychology. It would have been very difficult for me to understand this field of Psychology but this internship literally eased my study now. Thankyou so much for working hard on us. Looking for more internships from cognizavest.

  16. Yashasvi Tyagi (verified owner)

    It was a great experience! The mentor and the entire organisation of the internship was really good.

  17. Aakansha Cherian (verified owner)

    I learnt a lot in this duration and it was fun!

  18. Shruti Bajpai (verified owner)

    The tasks were challenging and helpful in understanding the kind of work we’ll do. Overall, it was a good experience
    Enjoyed the program and doing the tasks

  19. Damni Narang (verified owner)

    The sessions were well planned and systematically organized.
    The material provided was informative.

  20. Pralay Mishra

    It was good overall.
    Anmol Sir was really helpful

  21. Khushi Choudhary (verified owner)

    Well structured, got a fair idea of what the field consists of, crisp and to the point content,
    Concepts clearly explained, to the point explanations, patiently cleared all doubts

  22. Kabir Sharma (verified owner)

    Very easy to interpret and an amazing faculty.
    The mentor was very friendly and had exact knowledge of what he taught which made it easier for tbe students to understand and adapt to the course.

  23. Siya Thakkar (verified owner)

    Had a great learning experience
    A very helpful mentor and helped us through all our doubts and issues with the course as well as career opportunities

  24. Naziya Zaina Naufal (verified owner)

    The program was well scheduled and conducted.
    The resource person was very understanding and helped in grasping the concepts easily.

  25. Athira B (verified owner)

    It was a great experience and learnt a lot from this internship. Even it helped me to improve my academics.
    Sir was really cooperative and helped in every single aspect of the internship. Always gave guidance throughout the session.

  26. Aysha Fariha

    It was a well structured course.

  27. Dynashree Thombre

    Learned a lot of things and great mentor

  28. Kajal Singh

    Excellent concept of teaching.

  29. Dineshwaran (verified owner)

    it was a good program

  30. Sujith katta (verified owner)

    the classes were good

  31. Shruti Adaval (verified owner)

    Extremely helpful, understanding and supportive. I got to learn a lot from them.

  32. Dhavala Sree (verified owner)

    Your method of teaching is very good and made me understand concepts easily. The assignments were really engaging and insightful. This gave me a feeling of having hands-on experience. Thank you!

  33. Kritvi Patel (verified owner)

    Concepts well explained

  34. Sinam Chanu

    He gave us good examples and made sure we understood the concepts. Plus, the case studies made the learning process helpful. Good wishes to Mr. Anmol Rana.

  35. Nourin Nasar (verified owner)

    The Professor was great as He taught the topics in a way that everyone could understand. He also provided us with tools to better learn the concepts. He answered all the queries that we had with much patience.

  36. Aleena Zarin (verified owner)

    Knowledgable and well presenter

  37. Sumayya (verified owner)

    It was a great learning experience. Great mentor. Tasks were challenging and interesting.

  38. Shruti Dua


  39. Divya Panchal


  40. Khyati Shah

    Teaches in a very conceptual way which is affective

  41. Muhammad Wajid (verified owner)

    The mentor was insightful great at explain concept and the discussion in the lecture asking questions and making sure that everyone understand

  42. Aakanksha (verified owner)

    It was great learning from Anmol sir. He was very helpful and his feedback on tasks motivated me to do better.

  43. Nagalakshmi Sowmya (verified owner)

    He was knowledged and very helful.

  44. Sumayya (verified owner)

    Excellent mentor

  45. Kajal

    Excellent concept of teaching.

  46. Tarushayee (verified owner)

    he taught us very well, explained us every concept very nicely.

  47. Malavika

    Anmol sir could convey the information very effectively

  48. Athira (verified owner)

    Sir is really coperative and helped in every single aspect of the internship. Always gave guidence throughout the session.

  49. Naziya Zaina Naufal (verified owner)

    The resource person was very understanding and helped in grasping the concepts easily.

  50. Siya (verified owner)

    A very helpful mentor and helped us through all our doubts and issues with the course as well as career opportunities

  51. Kabir (verified owner)

    The mentor was very friendly and had exact knowledge of what he taught which made it easier for tbe students to understand and adapt to the course.

  52. Sakshi

    Co-operative, Patient and very polite. Simplifies the concepts very well.

  53. Priyanka Bhattacharjee

    Anmol sir is really great. The way he explained concepts, solved doubts was really good. My best wishes to him!

  54. Akshara Prabhu (verified owner)

    Resource person was patient with teaching and clarifying doubts. Assigned us interesting and well-thought out tasks and activities during class hours. Would have loved to have gained more insight regarding the research done in the field from the resource person itself.

  55. Trisha Deb (verified owner)

    The resource person was very approachable and I was able to ask all my queries and doubts without hesitation. They went at the perfect pace while teaching and the activities made work more engaging.

  56. Karen Daniel (verified owner)

    Fantastic, a great teacher who always paused to clear doubts and made sure students were following along.

  57. Diksha (verified owner)

    The resource person was very experienced and had good hold on the topics and was very cooperative and efficient towards inculcating knowledge in the students

  58. Diya M (verified owner)

    He had a lot of subject knowledge and was patient enough to explain the topic and clear doubts

  59. Shuchi Aggarwal

    Anmol sir was very patient with doubts and queries and explained everything with simplicity

  60. Yasha Parakh

    Anmol sir is very helpful and very patient with queries and doubts

  61. Sujith Gv

    He is straight forward, on point and updated.

  62. Tamil Elakkiya Srinivasan (verified owner)

    The resource person was excellent at teachings us the content and provided us great learning experience

  63. Sakshi Patil (verified owner)

    Mr. Anmol is a good teacher and knows how to deal with different students. He is also understanding and easy to approach. Overall, I had a good experience.

  64. Vidisha Uradi (verified owner)


  65. Sanjana Muthukuri (verified owner)

    Amazing and Patient person and clarified doubts very well.

  66. Soumya Kohli (verified owner)

    Anmol sir was very articulate, he explained very concept in detail, he explained the tasks very well and overall it was great

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