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62 reviews for Forensic Psychology Internship

  1. Varini Verma

    Whole Internship was very informative and interactive. Glad to be a part of it.

  2. Karuna Ajith Kini

    Whole session was extremely informative and the case studies they gave us to study made is look at the subject from a large perspective. Overall loved it

  3. Karuna Kink

    It was very informative and overall made us gain a wider perspective of the subject

  4. Adwait Vaishnavi (verified owner)

    A very well structured program that educates one about the foundation and application of forensic psychology, along with techniques and analysis of the results. A very good program for those who wish to pursue the field

  5. Arpita Varghese

    Extremely informative and interesting. A very good internship for those who want to undertake Forensic Psychology in the future.

  6. Manorama Sharma (verified owner)

    Got to learn a lot of new stuff. Worth the amount . This was my 2nd internship with cognizavest, hope I will join new internships in the near future.

  7. Alshifa

    Very informative sessions

  8. Navya Singh Parmar

    It was exciting to be a part of this novel discipline. It was an experience to remember, the faculty guide taught us with utmost perfection. Sessions were interactive, tasks and quizes were also quite interesting. Overall it was an enthralling and knowledgeable internship.

  9. Gunjan Sahu (verified owner)

    It was an amazing experience with cognizavest.Faculty was amazing and the course was perfectly designed. Very informative classes.Got to learn so many new things here.

  10. Kirti Khuteta (verified owner)

    It was a good experience to learn with cognizavest the faculty was so good he made us understand each and every concept.
    Glad to work with cognizavest

  11. Pranati (verified owner)

    It was fun for me to take up this internship. I learned the responsibilities of working as a forensic psychologist. It was one of the best courses.

  12. Amunra Layal

    Very enlightening, extremely informative, loved it.

  13. Rohini (verified owner)

    The information and knowledge I have attained after a month of this internship has made a difference for me. The facilitator explains the concepts in a comprehensive manner, which makes it more easy to grasp. The quiz and assignment work given were interesting, and I enjoyed them the most. There is surely room for improvement for the managing department and hopefully they will work on it in the near future. Nonetheless the experience has been great overall!

  14. Ishita Rai (verified owner)

    Loved the internship, it was quite informative and the assignments were interesting!

  15. Pujitha Jandhyala (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this course as it had exceeded my expectations tremendously. I was happy that the classes were to the point, detailed and very professional and I enjoyed every part of it. I also enjoyed doing the assignments as they were challenging and skill enhancing. I can certainly say I had learned and grown more through this program

  16. Anindya

    very good experience

  17. Swagata Saikia

    The whole internship was very informative. Tasks were fun. Sir explained everything very thoroughly point by point. It was a great learning experience for me. It exceeded my expectations and made me more curious about this field.

  18. Dharana Borah

    I took up the Forensic Psychology Internship as part of my current masters program. It was a good learning experience , really benefited by the way sir Adiya Sundaray has explained all the necessary concepts in a short period of time that helped in understanding the new discipline. The learnings will surely help in the further journey of Psychology. Thanks to the instructor and the team Cognizavest.

  19. Keshavi Kharbanda

    Thanks for the sincere efforts of the team. My interest in forensic psychology is ignited and I think I’ll pursue further! Thanks to the core team and Adityan sir!!

  20. Srawanika Bhuyan

    The entire one month of the internship was really interesting. The tasks assigned were really fun and informative. Every concept explained by Aditya sir was so informative that my interest in Forensics has rised. Thanks to the entire team for giving us such a beautiful experience.

  21. Utkarshita Dhawan (verified owner)

    Informative, interactive, interesting and detailed. This internship compelled me to research over the atrocities that had happened in the past and are still happening around the world. Taught me, while sitting at home, the importance of forensic psychology and brought out the inquisitive side of me.

  22. Garima Thadani (verified owner)

    The whole internship gave me a detailed and descriptive idea about this applied field of Psychology. Sir shared a lot of insightful and informative details regarding Forensic Psychology. I would definitely recommend this specific course to anyone who is looking forward to make a career in Forensic Psychology.

  23. Tisha


  24. Sejal Ramtara (verified owner)

    Aditya Sir is very knowledgeable and has a great approach to teaching. I learned a lot of interesting things.

  25. Ananya Nayak (verified owner)

    He has an excellent command over the topics we discussed about in the class

  26. Cecilia Mariya

    Handled the class good with information regarding the cases and thing’s

  27. Tanya

    Well spoken and patient, a good mentor

  28. Pritika (verified owner)

    The whole experience was amazing because of the teaching method.

  29. Susanna

    He was absolutely good at his work and felt grateful for the proper exposure towards the said field. Generally, other internship similar to this involve everything but he kept it to the point which absolutely worth my time involving in this internship. Wishing him great success and very thankful for this erudition.

  30. Monica

    “Sir’s knowledge and experience is simply outstanding. His teaching methods are great . Very clear and concise , explained every concepts clearly and briefly. Every session was insightful , knowledgeable ,interesting and informative. Aditya Sir is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how he presents the material.
    And the sessions were engaging, Sir is very patient and encouraging. I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge and insight he shared . Sir paces the class just right so you feel challenged but not overwhelmed and sir in his classes asks questions and gets us to respond with both fun and promotes faster learning. He is very patient and eager to help. Sir is amazing at what he does ! The passion and dedication is beyond words .Thank you so much . I learned and enhanced my knowledge that will be utilized for my future endeavor and I had an amazing experience. Thank you so much once again. “

  31. Shruthi (verified owner)

    The resource person had an in-depth knowledge on the topic as I learnt something new everyday. The teaching method and assignments were interesting and caught my attention and sparked interest in various topics.

  32. Rachamallu

    Sir gave us important topics to study and assignments to do. It helped me to understand different topics.

  33. Navya

    I believe that a great reason for my clear conception of all the rather advanced concepts we discussed in the classes was the fact that our resource person was highly informed, practical and competent with his teaching.

  34. Sylvia Sinha

    Aditya sir, u were absolutely amazing!!! Was lucky enough to have u as our teacher and mentor !

  35. Anushreya Deka (verified owner)

    Sir was very approachable and different teaching techniques were used which made the whole process pretty interesting. Doubts and confusions were clarified immediately and the tasks given helped me in various ways.

  36. Tanishqua Dave

    He made borring topics interesting, use to conduct engaging sessions and was always up for solving doubts.

  37. Komal Jadav

    The professor allotted for the course was well verse with what they were teaching and made it very interactive and easy to understand.

  38. Sanskruti Zade

    Our instructor was very knowledgeable. His teaching style was very suitable for me. He kept the sessions very interactive and lively.

  39. Vasudha Gupta (verified owner)

    Sir was very understanding and explained concepts well

  40. Sonakshi Bamrara

    Faculty was great. The teaching style and study material provided was very useful.

  41. Kanupriya Seth

    Aditya sir was a thorough and understanding teacher who made the entire internship interactive and fun.

  42. Kriti Singh

    Aditya sundaray sir is very good at explaining things, he explains everything again again if there is doubt. The assignment that gave us lead us to brainstorm because they were very unique.

  43. Nilshikha Swar

    Aditya Sir is an extremely knowledgeable person and always tried to make the sessions interactive

  44. Sumedha M (verified owner)

    The resource person was quite knowledgeable and helpful in their task to guide us. Quite enjoyed the teacher and his instructions


    Very knowledged, and calm during the classes. Wonderful teaching experience

  46. Arunima

    Helped out in every step by providing every required resource on time

  47. Gare Emmanuel

    Very friendly

  48. Aditi Singh

    All the resources were provided to us on time and there was no delay. This program was so interactive and insightful , i got to learn and know so many things at the beginner level, i loved how we were assessed through weekly quizzes, and the facilitator was really great at explaining concepts and clearing all my doubts. Hoping to attend more programmes like these.

  49. SHWETA SAINI (verified owner)


  50. RAMYA K


  51. Ananya Angel S (verified owner)

    Amazing personality with great knowledge and skills

  52. Shaima Shariff (verified owner)

    A well expert in the field, really appreciate the manner in which Arjun sir made the sessions lively with interacting with everyone and revising the topics before every class. The use of videos and materials sent did all made it more knowledgeable.

  53. Daksha Dwivedi

    Extremely good, perfect guidance and help

  54. Priscilla Philips

    The resource person made the sessions interesting and interactive.

  55. Drishti Fanse (verified owner)

    The resource person was well versed with what he was teaching.

  56. Kavya Raju (verified owner)

    Sir seemed quite knowledgeable in his field of expertise and I am grateful to have learned from him.

  57. Aryan Arora (verified owner)

    Sir was great in explaining what he was teaching, the theory basically. He took doubts as well patiently.

  58. Anvesha Tyagi

    They were very helpful throughout the training period. I cannot thank them enough for their time. The whole experience was invaluable. The course offers a very insightful introduction for students wanting to pursue the field of forensics. Thank you for providing such an amazing course!

  59. aerina verma (verified owner)

    The explaination was very detailed. it was very interactive and I got to learn a lot of things

  60. Asutosh Debnath (verified owner)

    Resource person was well explained about the course and my experience was great that I completed my course under this resource person. The program was very informative and I learnt so much about forensic field of psychology with practical examples.

  61. Prarthana Surendra (verified owner)

    Very friendly and was a great overall experience and informative.

  62. Neelanjana

    Excellent course that covers all the important basics and fundamentals. Arjun sir was phenomenal and went over everything in great detail and made the class interactions extremely fun!

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