Diploma in Counselling Psychology

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Program Overview :

This course brings forth the various facets of counseling and psychotherapies and is suited for both students as well as professionals. The participants will gain insight into counseling, therapy in both clinical and non-clinical setups, family and group therapy, crisis intervention, therapy with parents and children, and much more. The participant will be exposed to a plethora of knowledge, and will also learn its practical applications via role plays and MSE and case history taking.

Fee Structure:

*Remaining Fee to be paid after paying the admission fee is INR 16000.


Program Details :

Inclusions :

Program Highlights:

Additional Accreditation & Recognition :-


  • Bachelors Students from any background (Pursuing or Completed)
  • Masters students from any background (Pursuing or Completed)
  • Professionals working in any field

Study Material :

Hardcopy Material will be dispatched within 15 working days once you register.

Syllabus For Program:

Module 1 –

Client Behaviour

  • Establishing the Need for Counselling
    • Clients taking the first step
    • Managing the environment
    • Establishing Rapport
    • Setting up the objectives for the sessions
  • Guidelines of Communication
    • Behavioral barriers,
    • Establishing boundaries
    • Gathering confidence
    • Time management
    • Visuospatial parameters

Module 2  –

Counseling Skills

    • Individual Counselling,
    • Group techniques for counselors,
    • Counseling for career planning and decision-making
    • Prevention and wellness,
    • Listening skills,
    • Monitoring skills,
    • Verbal and Non-verbal Cues in Counseling

Module 3 – 

Special Areas in Counseling

    • Adolescent Counselling
    • Victim counseling
    • Delinquent counseling
    • Trauma Care
    • Family Therapy
    • Marital Counselling
    • Geriatric Counselling
    • Parenting Therapy

Module 4 –

Practical Work

    • Neo- Five-Factor Inventory
    • Beck’s Anxiety Inventory
    • Beck’s Depression Inventory(II)
    • Emotional Intelligence Scale
    • 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire
    • State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory-2
    • Vineland Social Maturity Scale

Key Learnings of the Program :

  • Be able to assist clients in channeling their thoughts and emotions
  • Be able to maintain appropriate counselor-client relationships
  • Know how to establish and maintain communication with the clients
  • Know the unacceptable practices and work in an ethical manner
  • Be able to determine the right coping mechanism

Monthly Payment Plan

Admission FeeINR 2000
1st Installment (2 days before the program start date)INR 6000
2nd Instalment (After 1 Month of Program Begins)INR 5000
3rd Instalment (After 2 Month of Program Begins)INR 5000
Please Note:
If failed to make any instalment on time it may lead to cancellation of admission in the program.

Process for Registration

  1.  Select the desired option required
  2. Proceed to checkout and make the payment
  3. You will receive a payment confirmation and details on your email id.
  4. Our team will be contacting you within 14 working days for further procedure of application related to the diploma.
  5. You will be handed over Cognizavest Academy details for all information related to the diploma.
  6. The final Briefing will be done 2 Days before the diploma begins.


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