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Join us for an enlightening five-hour masterclass in Delhi, diving into the intriguing world of neuropsychology. This session will provide a comprehensive introduction to the brain’s anatomy, functions, and their implications on behavior and mental health. Learn about the historical significance of neuropsychology and its relevance in understanding neurological disorders and cognitive processes. Discover interesting brain facts and delve into the major anatomical substructures and lobes of the brain. Explore the relationship between neuropsychology and mental illness, gaining insights into how brain dysfunction contributes to psychiatric conditions. Additionally, get introduced to the NIMHANS neuropsychological battery, a valuable tool for assessing cognitive functions and diagnosing brain-related disorders. Whether you’re a psychology enthusiast, a student, or a professional seeking to expand your knowledge, this masterclass offers a captivating journey into the realm of neuropsychology and its practical applications. Don’t miss this opportunity to unravel the mysteries of the brain and its impact on human behavior and well-being.

Masterclass Details:

Date: 05th May 2024
Day: Sunday
: 5:00 hours
Cognizavest Centre
52, 2nd floor, Central Market, AP Block, Pitampura (Delhi)
Timings: 12.00 pm to 05.00 pm



  • Bachelor Students:
    Open to students currently pursuing or those who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in any domain.
  • Masters Students:
    Available for students currently pursuing or those who have completed a Master’s degree in any domain.
  • Professionals:
    Welcoming professionals actively working in fields related to any domain.
  • Enthusiasts and General Audience:
    • Open to anyone keen on exploring and gaining insights into the masterclass subject matter, regardless of academic or professional background.

Masterclass Highlights

  • Live Learning Experience with Experts:
    • Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment with live sessions conducted by field experts.
  • Comprehensive Handouts & Notes:
    • Receive detailed handouts and notes, providing structured reference materials for effective learning.
  • Hardcopy Certificate:
    • Obtain a physical certificate, a tangible recognition of your participation and achievement.
  • Resource Materials:
    • Access a wealth of resource materials to supplement your learning journey.
  • Interactive Group Discussions:
    • Engage in collaborative learning through group discussions, sharing insights and perspectives.
  • Q & A Sessions with Experts:
    • Participate in question and answer sessions with experts, clarifying doubts and gaining deeper insights.

Masterclass Inclusions:

  • Hardcopy Certificate:
    Receive a tangible recognition of your achievement.
  • Q & A with the Experts:
    Engage in direct discussions with seasoned professionals for valuable insights.
  • Handouts & Notes Provided:
    Access detailed reference materials for structured learning.
  • Access to VIP Community:
    Enjoy privileged networking and learning opportunities with trainers.
  • Lunch Included

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Neuropsychology
  • Relevance and History
  • Interesting Brain Facts
  • Major Anatomical Sub-Structures of the Brain
  • Lobes of the Brain and their functions.
  • Mental Illness & Neuropsychology
  • NIMHANS Battery Introduction

Key Learnings:

  • Introduction to Neuropsychology:
    Discover the fascinating field of neuropsychology, exploring how brain structure and function influence behavior and cognition.
  • Relevance and History:
    Learn about the historical development of neuropsychology and its relevance in understanding neurological disorders and human behavior.
  • Interesting Brain Facts:
    Uncover intriguing facts about the brain, from its complexity to its remarkable adaptability and role in everyday functioning.
  • Major Anatomical Substructures of the Brain:
    Explore the key anatomical components of the brain, including the cerebrum, cerebellum, brainstem, and limbic system.
  • Lobes of the Brain and Their Functions:
    Understand the functions associated with each brain lobe (frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital), highlighting their roles in cognition, sensation, movement, and perception.
  • Mental Illness & Neuropsychology:
    Examine the intersection of neuropsychology and mental illness, exploring how brain dysfunction contributes to psychiatric disorders and informing treatment approaches.
  • NIMHANS Battery Introduction:
    Gain insights into the NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences) neuropsychological battery, a comprehensive tool for assessing cognitive functions and diagnosing brain disorders.

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Masterclass on Neuropsychology
1,100.00 (Inc. GST )
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