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Eligibility :

  • Bachelors Students (Psychology)
  • Masters students (Psychology)
  • Professionals working in fields related to counseling, psychology & mental health.

Syllabus of  Program :

Module I: History of Family and Couple Therapy:
  • What is family
  • Stages of family
  • History of family therapy
  • Process of family therapy (Newly Added)
  • Issues faced (Newly Added)
  • This module will lay down the historical context in which family and couple therapy originated in the west and in India. The contents covered in this module will enable the practitioner to appreciate the history of the family and couple therapy movement and the contributions of leading theorists. It will trace the journey of the field of family and couple therapy from its initial focus on problems and deficits to newer approaches that offer a strengths-based perspective and a contextual understanding of couple and family problems. The module will also help the participants develop a critical lens of looking at mainstream theories by introducing the larger socio-cultural context in which couple and family systems are situated.
Module II: Family Relationships and Therapy
  • Structural
  • Strategist
  • Multigenerational
  • This module focuses on some of the important schools of family therapy and the theoretical concepts offered by each of these schools. The module will introduce the participants to various issues and difficulties for which families seek therapy. It will equip the participants to understand how each of these schools conceptualizes family problems, assesses them, and finally intervenes. Participants will learn unique skills in assessing family systems, forming a hypothesis, and choosing from a wide range of intervention strategies proposed by each of these schools. 
  • Both the modules on couple and family relationships and therapy will also expose participants to the identification of family strengths and resilience and to ways of promoting the same.
Module III: Couple Relationships and Therapy
  • Pre-marital therapy
  • Post-marriage therapy (Newly Added)
  • Counseling sessions for nonmarried couples (Newly Added)
  • The module begins with acquainting the participants with key research in the area of couple relationships and therapy. Marriage is one of the many forms of couple relationships. The module will sensitize the participants to different forms that a couple of relationships can assume and key-related issues for which couples often seek therapy. It then will move on to cover various evidence-based theories of understanding couple relationships. The focus will be on understating different aspects of couple relationships such as intimacy, communication, conflict resolution, sexuality, division of labor, gender roles, etc. It will then introduce different ways of assessing and conceptualizing difficulties faced by the couples and of intervening with the same. This is essentially done by borrowing from some of the major evidence-based schools and theories of couple counseling. 
  • Domestic violence is a reality for many Indian women. The module will help the participants in understanding, assess and intervene with incidents of abuse and violence during the process of couple and family counseling. 
Module IV:
  • Solution-focused therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Emotion-focused therapy
  • Therapies used in family counseling
Module V:

Practical and role play

Key Learning of the Program :

  • Handling family counseling sessions
  • Handling Relationship and marriage counseling cases
  • Application of Family Therapy
  • Application of Couple therapy

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Are classes held live?

You got it! Imagine being at a virtual classroom bash – our classes are all about real-time interaction. But hold onto your hats, because there’s more! We’re not just hitting the live button; we’re also recording these sessions for your convenience.

What about learning materials like PPTs and readings?

Brace yourself for the goodies! Once you’ve rocked the class, we’re handing you a treasure trove of PPTs and reading materials. It’s like getting an all-access backstage pass to the world of knowledge. 🎤📚

Will my certificates be internationally recognized?

Hold onto your seats because our certificates are like global explorers! They’re not just certificates; they’re golden tickets to show off your brilliance worldwide. Get ready to be a recognized star wherever you go. ✈️🌍

How can I submit my awesome tasks?

Get ready to flaunt your skills! Simply send us your tasks on Google Docs or Google Slides. Think of it as launching a confetti cannon of creativity – your brilliance deserves to shine!

How fast is the certificate magic?

We’re all about excitement without the roller coaster rush. Your certificate will be ready around 20-25 days after the course ends. You’ll be holding your achievement in your hands before you know it!

Will I receive a hard copy certificate?

You bet! Along with your e-certificate, a hard copy will make its way to you. It’s like having a physical piece of your success story to cherish!

How long until I get my hard copy certificate?

Patience is key! Expect your hard copy about 10 days after your e-certificate is uploaded. Your well-deserved recognition is en route!

Can I become a practitioner after the course?

Absolutely! After completing specific courses, you can level up to become a practitioner. Just remember, some courses might need a master’s in psychology to unlock this achievement. You’re on the path to expertise!

Can I join the Certificate course?

Without a doubt! Our Certificate courses are designed for psychology students, and some are open to all. Everyone gets a chance to dive into the fascinating world of psychology!

Can I snag an LOR from you folks?

Of course! If you need a Letter of Recommendation, just give us a shout. We’re here to help and support your journey!

When’s the invite to the coolest club after payment?

Hold onto your excitement hats! You’ll get the VIP treatment with an invite to our Google space and Google Classroom. The party’s starting just a day or two after the payment, so you’re all set to dive in headfirst!

Can I dial up my teachers for a chat?

While we don’t have a direct hotline to your teachers, you can always send them a snazzy email or chat with the teacher or chat up your team leader. We’re all about keeping the lines of communication open!

What’s this alternative option you’re talking about?

Say hello to the “batch shift”! It’s like a cool lane change on your learning journey. If your current schedule isn’t jiving with your course, you can shift to another batch that suits you better with a small fee. Think of it as a chance to sync up your learning groove.

Are there any basic criteria for completing the course?

Yes, to maintain the value of the course and certification our team follows various norms to qualify for the completion certificate basic is to have at least 60% attendance and a minimum of 50% marks for successful completion else the participation certificate will be awarded for 10% and above.

19 reviews for Certificate Course in Family Therapy

  1. Rutu Lokesh Suthar (verified owner)

    It was a good learning experience. Great experience. Learnt a lot from Dr. Grover

  2. Dr.K.Sundaravadivelu (verified owner)

    Overall program was good. Talented teacher, easy to move with.

  3. Hansika Shukla

    Very well executed. Very helpful

  4. VANSHIKA PAREKH (verified owner)

    Very nice, the content and the tasks given, completely knowledge us with F&CT. Sakshi ma’am made the class very interactive she was always available throughout the course

  5. Rutu Lokesh Suthar (verified owner)

    It wasa good learning experience. Great experience. Learnt a lot from Dr. Grover

  6. Prapti Suriya (verified owner)


  7. Gayatri Saikia (verified owner)

    Very informative sessions with great resources. Helpful staff with quick turn around

  8. Disha K S (verified owner)

    “The program was well structured, and throughly managed. It was a really good opportunity to learn.” Teachers were incredibly helpful and friendly. The study material provided were excellent. It would really help my work.

  9. DivyaHarishkumar (verified owner)

    It was great learning the techniques and theories involved in the therapy process for families. She was highly equipped with knowledge related to family therapies.

  10. Spoorthy D Gowda (verified owner)


  11. Dhyani Vashi (verified owner)

    Course content was good and well structured

  12. Yashvi Shah (verified owner)

    Overall the program was good. Assignments helped a lot to learn better and the content of the program was appropriate. We really had interactive sessions with lot of practical examples which helped to understand better

  13. Dakshita Pathak (verified owner)

    It was good. Knowledgeable.

  14. Divyaharishkumar (verified owner)


  15. Dakshita Pathak (verified owner)

    It was a well curated program.

  16. Archana J (verified owner)

    It was an amazing experience.
    The program was very well planned and executed. The activities and tasks included in the program are really great. Mam was really interactive and resourceful. She was always there to answer all the queries and doubts.

  17. Feba Johnson (verified owner)

    Good initiative for psychology field enhancement. Excellent classes and presentations

  18. Shriya Vashisht (verified owner)

    Was very good

  19. Pampa Moitra Chakraborty (verified owner)

    The course content was good.

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