Certificate Course in Family Therapy

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Family first! Strengthening the communication in a relationship.

Family Therapy is a branch of psychological counselling that works with family and couple therapy to nurture change and positive development for the benefit of all.

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Certificate Course Details :

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Batch Starts from : 08th April 2022
Duration: 3 Months
Classes: 2 Days a week ( Monday and Friday)
Language: English
Mode: Online
Timings : 5  to 7 pm on Monday
5  to 6 pm on Friday

Program Overview :

This certificate program on Family therapy is designed by the experts to provide you detailed understanding about Family Therapy, Couple Therapy and much more to gain practical knowledge through our specifically targeted role plays for easier understanding.. These programs are designed in such a way that you have maximum of practical & training experience with working over various projects and assignments with the expert. You will be experiencing the complete working with the expert along with different assessments conducted to monitor your progress and guiding you at each step.

Additional Accreditation & Recognition :-

  • This program is Internationally accredited by International Association Of Therapists

Eligibility :

  • Bachelors Students (Psychology)
  • Masters students (Psychology)
  • Professionals working in fields related to counselling, psychology & mental health.

Inclusions :

  • 3 Months of Recording Access for the Program for each classes
  • 3 Months access to program materials
  • Lifetime Access to Cogniscape (Psychology Community of Students, Trainers, Teachers and Field Experts around the country)
  • Hard Copy Certificate from ICPEM
  • Hard Copy Certificate from Cognizavest
  • After successful completion you are eligible to become Family Therapy Practitioner*. 

Syllabus of  Program :

Module I: History of Family and Couple Therapy:
  • This module will lay down the historical context in which family and couple therapy originated in the west and in India. The contents covered in this module will enable the practitioner to appreciate the history of the family and couple therapy movement and the contributions of leading theorists. It will trace the journey of the field of family and couple therapy from its initial focus on problems and deficits to newer approaches that offer a strengths-based perspective and a contextual understanding of couple and family problems. The module will also help the participants develop a critical lens of looking at mainstream theories by introducing the larger socio-cultural context in which couple and family systems are situated.
Module II: Family Relationships and Therapy
  • This module focuses on some of the important schools of family therapy and theoretical concepts offered by each of these schools. The module will introduce the participants to various issues and difficulties for which families seek therapy. It will equip the participants to understand how each of these schools conceptualizes family problems, assesses them and finally intervenes. Participants will learn unique skills of assessing family systems, forming a hypothesis and choosing from a wide range of intervention strategies proposed by each of these schools. 
  • Both the modules on couple and family relationships and therapy will also expose participants to the identification of family strengths and resilience and to ways of promoting the same.
Module III: Couple relationships and Therapy
  • The module begins with acquainting the participants with key researches in the area of couple relationships and therapy. Marriage is one of the many forms of couple relationships. The module will sensitize the participants to different forms that a couple relationship can assume and key relationship issues for which couples often seek therapy. It then will move on to cover various evidence based theories of understanding couple relationships. The focus will be on understating different aspects of couple relationships such as intimacy, communication, conflict resolution, sexuality, division of labor, gender roles etc. It will then introduce different ways of assessing and conceptualizing difficulties faced by the couples and of intervening with the same. This is essentially done by borrowing from some of the major evidence based schools and theories of couple counselling. 
  • Domestic violence is a reality for many Indian women. The module will help the participants in understanding, assessing and intervening with incidents of abuse and violence during the process of couple and family counselling. 
Module IV:
  • Therapies used in family counselling
Module V:

Practical and role plays

Key Learnings of Program :

  • Handling family counselling sessions
  • Handling Relationship and marriage counselling cases
  • Application of Family therapy
  • Application of Couple therapy

Process for Registration

Step 1: Select appropriate option you wish to opt for
Step 2: Complete Checkout Process and Payment
Step 3: If you have opted to reserve seat you will be contacted 2 days before the program begins for completion of payment of the program.
Step 4:
You will receive an a google classroom invite 1 day before the program begins.
Step 5: Our team will be contacting you 1 day before the program starts for all details and briefing.


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