Discover the ultimate summer adventure at Summer Camp 1.0 in Delhi! Dive into a world of creativity with captivating art & craft workshops, groove to the beat with exciting dance classes, and unlock your full potential through engaging sessions on personal development and leadership. Immerse yourself in mindfulness practices and gratitude circles, fostering holistic growth in a fun-filled environment. Join us for an unforgettable journey of learning, laughter, and lifelong friendships!



Batches Starts

07th June 2024


15 Days


Summer Camp

Hurry! Limited Seats Per Cohort

Key Highlights of Camp

What benefits does this Program provide?

  • Live classes offer dynamic and collaborative learning experiences in a vibrant classroom setting.
  • Immerse yourself in offline learning activities for a hands-on educational experience.
  • Benefit from an internationally accredited program, ensuring global confidence in your learning journey.
  • Access expertly crafted materials designed to captivate and provide insightful education.
  • Engage in interactive learning methods that transcend traditional textbooks, making concepts come alive.
  • Develop problem-solving skills through engaging case studies and practical scenarios.
  • Receive dedicated support and guidance from expert trainers throughout your educational journey.
  • Participate in enriching case studies and roleplays for practical insights and hands-on application.
  • Enjoy a diverse range of activities including art & craft training, dance classes, personality development, social & leadership skills, mindfulness sessions, gratitude circles, and much more.
  • Benefit from personalized mentorship provided by industry experts.
  • Engage in guided learning experiences tailored to art & craft and dance classes.
  • Participate in personality development sessions to enhance personal growth.
  • Join skill development sessions aimed at honing various competencies.
  • Attend doubt-solving and case discussion classes for deeper understanding.
  • Request a letter of recommendation to showcase your achievements and learning journey.
  • Be a part of the supervision community to get access to premium one on one interaction and case discussions
  • Become an Alumini to connect with the members of the field for better interaction and many more benefits 
  • Meet the professionals, juniors and suniors in the field online and stay connected. 
  • Offline community meet-ups is one another benefit you do not wanna miss out on
  • Open to individuals aged 13 years and above.

Camp Details

What you get to learn ?

Summer Camp 1.0 in Delhi offers a dynamic program curated by industry experts, nurturing creativity, confidence, and holistic development. Engage in art, dance, and personality development sessions, unlocking your full potential through immersive experiences. Join us for a summer filled with fun, growth, and unforgettable memories!






Live Sessions


Hours of Learning

4 Hours



Art Activities


Dance Activities


Skill Trainings



Day 1: Welcome and Ice-breaking Activities
  • Introduction session
  • Ice Breaking Games
  • Summer Camp Orientation
Day 2: Art and Mindfulness Day
  • Quilling Keychain Craft
  • Flower Making Craft
  • Mindfulness Session
Day 3: Art & Leadership Development Day
  • Paper Pen Stand Making Craft
  • Coaster Making Craft
  • Leadership Activities Session
Day 4: Art and Self-awareness Day
  • Canvas Painting Art
  • Paper Lamp Making Craft
  • Emotional Intelligence & Awareness
Day 5: Adventure and Risk-taking Day
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Movie Screening Analysis
Day 6: Communication and Gratitude Day
  • Social & Communication Session
  • Gratitude Circle
Day 7: Art and Innovation Day
  • Raisin Art Making Craft
  • Brain GYM
Day 8: Artistic Expression Through Movement
  • Dance Session
  • Digital Art
Day 9: Hobby Exploration Day
  • Flameless Cooking
  • Open Mic Session
  • Glass Painting Craft
Day 10: DIY & Relaxing Day
  • Dream Catcher Making Craft
  • Candle Making
  • Dealing With Stress Session
Day 11: Art & Digital Exploration
  • Mesh Making Craft
  • Digital Intelligence
Day 12: 21st Centaury Day
  • 21st Centaury Skills Training
  • Activities 
Day 13: Performance Art Exploration
  • Experimental Theater Activities
  • Tote Bag Painting
Day 14: Adventure in Creativity
  • Creative problem-solving challenges: Solving puzzles and riddles with an artistic twist.
  • Surrealist drawing session


Day 15: Farewell and Personality Analysis
  • Farewell Session
  • Personality Analysis with report

Camp Instructors

From whom will you learn?



Details About the Camp

Camp Details

Details about the camp schedule, including timing of live classes, session days, and other pertinent information.

10am to 2pm


Monday to Saturday

Days For Summer Camp

Delhi Centre

Place for Summer camp

Activity & Training Based

Program Format




Inclusion (Optional)

Camp Venue

Cognizavest Centre

52, 2nd Floor, AP Market, Pitampura, Delhi

Kohat Enclave

Nearest Metro Station

Summer Camp Fee

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Summer Camp Certificate

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Learning from Program

What you get to learn ?

Key Takeaways Upon Program Completion

Participants in Summer Camp 1.0 in Delhi are assured of a holistic development journey that encompasses various facets of personal growth and skill enhancement. Under the guidance of industry experts, the program offers immersive experiences in art, dance, and personality development, fostering creativity, confidence, and essential life skills. Through engaging activities and interactive sessions, participants not only unlock their full potential but also step into leadership roles, cultivating qualities of inspiration and empowerment. Moreover, the camp promotes mindfulness practices and gratitude circles, providing a space for inner peace and appreciation for life's blessings. As participants embark on this enriching journey, they not only have fun but also create lasting memories and forge meaningful connections, ensuring a summer filled with growth, self-discovery, and unforgettable experiences.

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