Industrial & Organizational Psychology Internship & Training Program

120 Hours Online Program

Structure, hierarchy and organizations simplified ! As a sub field of psychology, Organizational psychology is an applied discipline where one deals with workplace behavior, recruitment & selection and with the goal of increasing productivity and growth of both, the employees and the organization.

About the Program

This course aims at providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how organizational Psychology works as a field and profession, starting from the basics and extending upto it’s applications in practical life. You will learn about the organizational culture, organizational behaviour, organizational development, competency frameworks, various types of motivations, leadership and diversity in a workplace. This course will also give the participants an insight into mental health at the workplace and experience what all tasks one has to manage being an organizational psychologist.

Details About the Program

Class Schedule Details

Details for 150 Hour Batch

Details for 120 Hour Batch

Details for 60 Hour Batch

How This Program is Good Amazing?

The program is designed by experts delivering you more aspects of the field practically. Live interaction with the trainers on daily or alternate day basis as per the selection hours. You will be given various assignments, projects, roleplays, class presentations, group presentations, analyzing cases, case studies & much more designed tasks by the trainers that will make sure you get the best practical exposure in the field. Time dedication is flexible for tasks, except for the classes. All  work submitted will be assessed by trainer(s), guiding you at every step of training. We aim at providing the best practical exposure in the field by innovating new ideas and putting in resources into the online journey for best experience.

How The Program Works?

Step 1

Register yourself for the program by adding to cart and proceeding to checkout

Step 2

You will be contacted 2 days before the batch begins for all details briefing

Step 3

Live Classes will begin as per the schedule of your program

Step 4

Attend live classes, Work on assignments/tasks/projects eligible for certificate

What's the eligibility for the Program

Pursuing Psychology?

Are you pursuing B.A , M.A ,M.Sc, B.Sc, M.Phil from psychology background, this program fits perfect for you for your organization psychology skills.

Completed Psychology?

Have you completed B.A , M.A ,M.Sc, B.Sc, M.Phil from psychology background, this program fits perfect for you for your organization psychology skills.

Are you a Professional?

Are you a Mental Health Professional, Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist or a professional from psychology background you are at perfect place.

Curriculum for the Program

Introduction to Organization Psychology

  • Training & Development
  • E Learning
Motivation Theories

Motivation Theories

  • Motivation Application in Organizations
  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Organization Culture

  • Organization Culture
  • Employee Selection and Development
  • Organization Diagnosis

Mental Health at Workplace

  • OD Interventions
  • Mental Health At Workplace
  • Psychometric Testing at Workplace
  • Career Coaching

Organizational Setting

  • The Purpose and Fundamentals of Coaching, Working on life balancing workbook and mind mapping
  • Developing self-awareness and EI in your client
  • Development and Deconstruction of core beliefs
  • Core Values and Goal setting

Off the Job Learning

  • Research Work
  • Case Studies
  • Class Presentations
  • Role plays
  • Project Work

What will you learn?

Let's Meet Your Trainers

Meet Your Trainers, who will provide the best training in the Program.

Anmol Rana

Organizational Psychologist

Basic Requirement of Program


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(Limited Seats per batch)

A Certificate & Performance Letter after completion of the Program

After successful completion of the program you will be eligible for the completion certificate along with a performance letter designed in a way grading all your performance throughout the internship & training program along with supervisor content adding more value to the certificate.

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