Diploma in Forensic Psychology

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Program Overview :

This course bestows an opportunity for the applicants to learn about the field of Forensic Psychology. Forensic Psychology is a vast stream that includes several facets associated with criminal conduct and inculcates a myriad of services ranging from Criminal Profiling to Rehabilitation. This diploma course aims at equipping an individual with acumen in Forensic Science and Criminal Investigations, and the significance of. This course is handpicked for students as well as professionals working in the field of psychology and mental health.

Fee Structure:

Admission Fee Full Course Fee (Incl. Admission Fee)
INR 2000* INR 18000 

By paying the Admission Fee Only you will be considered for the Monthly Payment Plan Scheme.

The admission Fee is Non-Refundable

Program Details :

Session Start date: 06th June 2023

Duration: 7 Months

Live Class Frequency: 3 Days a week ( Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)

Timings: 5 to 6 pm on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Platform: Google Meet & Classroom

100% Online Program
The program language is English

Total Seats: 20

Study Material :

Hardcopy Material will be dispatched within 15-20 working days once you register.

Additional Accreditation & Recognition :-

  • The International Association Of Therapists Internationally accredits this program
  • Affiliated to EBVTR

Program Highlights:

  • Includes Case Studies
  • Role-Plays conducted
  • Assessments to track your progress
  • Various Training Sessions
  • Group Discussion
  • Practicals & Examination
  • Mode of Practicals & Examination: Online

Inclusions :

  • 7 Months of Recording Access to the Program for each class
  • 7 Month access to program materials
  • Hardcopy Material for the program
  • Lifetime Access to Cogniscape (A psychology Community of Students, Trainers, Teachers, and Field Experts around the country)
  • Internship under supervisor
  • Diploma from EBVTR delivered to your doorstep.
  • Hard Copy Certificate from Cognizavest delivered to your doorstep.

Key Learnings of the Program :

  • Significance of Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation
  • Legal knowledge is required for Forensic Psychologists.
  • Investigation protocols.
  • Psychological Assessments.
  • Forensic Psychological Techniques


  • Bachelors Students from any background interested in forensic psychology (Completed or Pursuing)
  • Masters students from any background interested in forensic psychology (Completed or Pursuing)
  • Professionals working in any background interested in forensic psychology


Paper 1: Introduction to Forensics

Module 1: 

  • Forensic Science and its branches, Definition of Crime
  • Evidences and its types, Role of Forensics in Criminal Investigation

Module 2: 

  • Criminal Investigation
  • Role of Judiciary in Investigations

Module 3: 

  • Definition of Forensic Psychology, 
  • Roles of a Forensic Psychologist
  • Legal Aspects of Forensic Psychology
  • Case Studies

Paper 2: Theories of Criminal Behavior 

Module 1: Biological Theory of Crime, Cultural Transmission Theory; Rational Choice Theory

Module 2: Labeling Theory, Social Learning Theories, Twin and Adoption Studies

Paper 3: Significance of Neuroanatomy and Electrophysiology in Forensic Psychology

Module 1:  

  • Neuron – Structure and Function, Types
  • Synapse
  • Brain Lobes and their functions
  • Anatomical defects and deviant behavior

Module 2: 

  • Brain waves and Brain Oscillations
  • Introduction to EEG, ERP (P300, MERMER)
  • Neuroimaging Techniques and their significance
  • Case Studies

Paper 4: Detection of Deception – Investigative tools and techniques

Module 1

  • Understanding Psychological Evaluations
  • Chain of Custody in Psychological Evidence
  • Forensic Interview
  • Baseline Tests
  • Forensic Investigative Techniques

Monthly Payment Plan

Admission FeeINR 2000
1st Installment (2 days before the program start date)INR 6000
2nd Instalment (After 1 Month of Program Begins)INR 5000
3rd Instalment (After 2 Month of Program Begins)INR 5000
Please Note:
If failed to make any instalment on time it may lead to cancellation of admission in the program.

Process for Registration

  1.  Select the desired option required
  2. Proceed to checkout and make the payment
  3. You will receive a payment confirmation and details on your email id.
  4. Our team will be contacting you within 7 working days for further procedure of application related to the diploma.
  5. You will be handed over Cognizavest Academy details for all information related to the diploma.
  6. The final Briefing will be done 2 Days before the diploma begins.


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