Diploma in Counselling & Guidance

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Program Overview :

This course brings you different facets of Counselling. A program that is spread over one year brings you different specializations in counseling. In addition, programs give you an opportunity to learn through practicals and case studies. This is one place for learning different types of counseling and enhancing your skills. 

Fee Structure:

Admission Fee Full Course Fee (Incl. Admission Fee)
INR 2000* INR 18000

By paying the Admission Fee Only you will be considered for the Monthly Payment Plan Scheme.

The admission Fee is Non-Refundable

Program Details :

The batch Starts on 04th March 2023
Duration: 7 Months
Classes: 2 Days a week Wednesday & Saturday
Language: English
Mode: Online
Timings: Wednesday – 5 pm
Saturday- 5 pm

Platform: Google Meet & Google Classroom

Additional Accreditation & Recognition :-

  • The International Association Of Therapists Internationally accredits this program
  • Affiliated to EBVTR

Study Material:

It will be dispatched within 10-12 working days once you register. 

Program Highlights:

  • Includes Case Studies
  • Role-Plays conducted
  • Assessments to track your progress
  • Various Training Sessions
  • Group Discussions
  • Practicals & Examination
  • Mode of Practicals & Examination: Online

Inclusions :

  • 7 Months of Recording Access to the Program for each class
  • 7 Months of access to program materials
  • Hardcopy Study Material for the program
  • Lifetime Access to Cogniscape (A psychology Community of Students, Trainers, Teachers, and Field Experts around the country)
  • Diploma from EBVTR delivered to your doorstep.
  • Hard Copy Certificate from Cognizavest delivered to your doorstep.

Key Learnings of the Program :

  • Enhancing Counselling and guidance skills. 
  • Understanding the field of Counselling Psychology and its application in different fields. 
  • Students will develop an understanding to understand and manage cases with varied difficulties.
  • Students will be able to develop the skills of research and will be able to publish the research.
  • Students will be able to grasp the understanding of the varied impact of various issues on different aspects.


  • Bachelors Students from psychology background/ Social Work/Sociology/ Applied Psychology/ Human Development (Completed or Pursuing)
  • Masters students from psychology background/ Social Work/Sociology/ Applied Psychology/ Human Development (Completed or Pursuing)
  • Professionals working in fields related to psychology/ Social Work/Sociology/ Applied Psychology/ Human Development


Paper 1
Counseling and Counselling Skills (Compulsory)

Module 1: Basics of Counselling

  • Introduction to Psychotherapy and Counselling
    • Definitions,
    • Objectives,
    • Models of counseling
    • Schools of Psychotherapy
    • Ethics of counseling and therapy sessions.
  • Interviewing
    • Objectives of interviews
    • Interviewing techniques
    • Types of interview
    • Characteristics of structured and unstructured interview
    • Interviewing skills.

Module 2: Case History and Mental Status Examination

Paper 2:
Specialization (Choose Any 1)

MET for addiction counseling 

  • Background
  • Pre-treatment Assessment
  • Treatment Goals
  • Stages of Change
  • Basic Principles 
  • Practical Strategies
  • The Structure of MET Sessions
  • Dealing With Special Problems


Rehabilitation Counselling 

  • Concept and paradigm of rehabilitation 
  • Disability and rehabilitation
  • Policies and acts 
  • Disorder and disabilities 
  • Theories and rehabilitation 

The victim and criminal counseling (Compulsory)

  • Case history management:
  • Victims (Men and Women)
  • Convicts (Men and Women)
  • Witness (Men and Women)
  • Children (Witness, Victim, and Suspect)
  • Gender Fluid Subjects
  • Environmental Factors of the Counselling Setup
  • Building Rapport with respect to:
  • Witness
  • Victim
  • Convicts
  • Children
  • Addressing Mental Disorders
  • Empathy and Unbiased Approach
  • Gratitude and Positive Thinking
  • Relaxation techniques for trauma management
  • Recreational Activities for Convicts
  • Regular Assessments and their importance
  • Mindfulness techniques for victims
  • Child interviewing techniques
  • Child counseling skills
  • Queer affirmative approach
Paper 3: Specialization (Choose any 2) 

Adolescent Counseling 

  • Child And Adolescent Growth And Development
  • Influence Of The Family On Children
  • Children’s Behaviours And Motivations
  • Listening To Children
  • Meaning In Children’s Stories
  • Childhood Contexts
  • Poverty And Other Disablers Of Children
  • Reflective Conversations
  • Conscious And Nonconscious Goals In Children 
  • Goal Recognition And Disclosure
  • Theoretical Foundations And Techniques For Counselling Children And Adolescents
  • Self-esteem Through Self-awareness And The Awareness Of Others
  • Children As Decision-makers
  • Effect Of Divorce
  • Substance Abuse
  • Children And Grief From Loss Or Death 
  • Anger
  • Suicide
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Fears And Phobias
  • Societal And School-induced Behaviour Problems


School Counselling 

  • Guidance and Skills Training
  • Communication skills
  • Study Habits and Memory Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Growing up Issues
  • Life Skills Training
  • Difference between Guidance and Counselling


Terminal counseling 

  • Concepts of terminal illness
    • Definition
    • Symptoms
    • Causes
  • Types of terminal illnesses
    • Cancer
    • HIV
    • Stroke and Coma
    • Dementia
    • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
    • Dementia
  • Stages of terminal illness
    • Risk Factors
    • Prevalence
    • Comorbid Conditions
    • Differential Diagnosis
  • Effects
    • Psychological effects
    • Effects on family and friends
  • Therapies
    • Treatment
    • Death with Dignity
    • Case Study

Monthly Payment Plan

Admission FeeINR 2000
1st Installment (2 days before the program start date)INR 6000
2nd Instalment (After 1 Month of Program Begins)INR 5000
3rd Instalment (After 2 Month of Program Begins)INR 5000
Please Note:
If failed to make any instalment on time it may lead to cancellation of admission in the program.

Process for Registration

  1.  Select the desired option required
  2. Proceed to checkout and make the payment
  3. You will receive a payment confirmation and details on your email id.
  4. Our team will be contacting you within 7 working days for further procedure of application related to the diploma.
  5. You will be handed over Cognizavest Academy details for all information related to the diploma.
  6. The final Briefing will be done 2 Days before the diploma begins.


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