Certificate Course in Life Coaching

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Program Overview :

This program principally aims at equipping you with essential skills pertaining to all domains of life which shall aid you in different walks of life. You will learn hands-on time delegation skills through well-established models like the Eisenhower Matrix as well as effective time management skills. Overall, this course centers on you as a person and will certainly assist you to a greater purpose in your personal and professional life. These programs are designed in such a way that you have maximum practical & training experience with working on various projects and assignments with the expert. You will be experiencing the complete working with the expert along with different assessments conducted to monitor your progress and guide you at each step.

Fee Details :

Course Fee:

  • Reserve My Seat: INR 999* (Remaining Fee to be paid before the program begins)
  • Program Fee: INR 4499 

*Remaining fees are to be paid two days before the program begins.

Certificate Course Details :

Seats: 20

Start date: 07th February 2023

Duration: 3 Months

Live Class Frequency: 2 Days a week ( Tuesday and Saturday)

Timings: 6  to 7 pm

Platform: Google Meet & Classroom

100% Online Program
Program language is English

Additional Accreditation & Recognition :-

  • This program is Internationally accredited by the International Association Of Therapists
  • Affiliated to EBVTR

Eligibility :

  • Bachelors Students (Any Field)
  • Masters students (Any Field)
  • Professionals working in any field.

Inclusions :

  • 3 Months of Recording Access to the Program for each class
  • 3 Months of access to program materials
  • Lifetime Access to Cogniscape (A psychology Community of Students, Trainers, Teachers, and Field Experts around the country)
  • Hard Copy Certificate from EBVTR
  • Hard Copy Certificate from Cognizavest
  • After successful completion, you are eligible to become a Life Coach Practitioner*.

Syllabus of  Program :

Section 1 – Fundamentals of Life Coaching (Theory & Self-Reflection Exercise)
  • The emergence of Coaching from Positive Psychology,
  • Difference between Coaching and other helping practices,
  • Models of Coaching: GROW, OSKAR, CLEAR, TGROW,
  • Types of Coaching: Career Coaching, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Spiritual Coaching,
  • Developing Self Awareness and EQ,
  • Personal Breakthrough Session,
  • Victim Drama Triangle,
  • Levels of Human Experience and consciousness,
  • Socratic Questioning.
Section 2: Development & Deconstruction of Core Beliefs and Values ((Theory & Self Reflection Exercise)
  • Morris Massey’s Stages of Belief Development,
  • Albert Ellis’ 13 Unhelpful Beliefs,
  • Locus of Control,
  • Belief Modification Process,
  • Core Identity Coaching Model,
  •  Maslow’s Modified Hierarchy Of Needs,
  • Core Human Values,
  • Setting Vision and Finding meaning and purpose.
Section 3: Coaching Communication Skills & Relationship Principles (Theory & Self-Reflection Exercise)
  • Attending and Immediacy Skills,
  • Roadblocks to communication,
  • Stages of Communication,
  • Active Listening,
  • Three levels of Listening,
  • Art of Silence,
  • Chunking Up & Chunking Down Questioning,
  • 7 Pillars of Healthy Coaching Relationships,
  • Perceptual Positions,
  • Stages of Coaching Relationship.
Section 4: Goal Setting in Coaching (Practicum and Role Plays)
  • Life Balancing Workbook,
  • SMART Goal Setting,
  • Eisenhower Decision Matrix,
  • Goal Setting Workbook,
  • Passion and Purpose Workbook,
  • Action Plan Workbook,
  • Coach’s Self Reflection Handbook,
  • Assets and Liabilities Workbook,
  • Vision Obituary Exercise,
  • When Everything Fails Project.
Section 5: Mindfulness (Practicum and Role Plays)
  • The emergence of Mindfulness from Buddhism,
  • Meditation VS Meditating,
  • Levels of Consciousness,
  • Dimensions of Mindfulness,
  • 7 Factors of Enlightenment,
  • Wise Mind Model,
  • Four Noble Truths,
  • Self-Regulation,
  • Head & Heart Exercise,
  • Mindfulness-Based Change,
  • Active Listening Test,
  • AVP Model of Mindfulness,
  • Mindfulness Breathing and Self Reflection Tools and Exercise,
  • Everyday Exercises for Attentive Self-Awareness.

Key Learnings of the Program :

  • Fundamentals of Positive Psychology
  • Proficiency in Personal & Professional Communication and Time Management
  • Prowess in Goal-Setting & Attainment of Goals
  • Experiential Learning of Advanced Mindfulness
  • Exceptional Self Modification Skills
  • Synthesize Learning Experience through Practicums & Role Plays
  • Superior Self-Regulation Skills
  • Differential Coaching Models


Process for Registration

Step 1: Select appropriate option you wish to opt for
Step 2: Complete Checkout Process and Payment
Step 3: If you have opted to reserve seat you will be contacted 2 days before the program begins for completion of payment of the program.
Step 4:
You will receive an a google classroom invite 1 day before the program begins.
Step 5: Our team will be contacting you 1 day before the program starts for all details and briefing.


All the participants will receive an Hard Copy Certificate delivered at your doorstep from ICPEM (Regd. under Niti Ayog Govt. of India) along with a Performance Letter from Cognizavest for the Certificate course.
After completion of course you are eligible as Life Coach Practitioner (Only Masters Completed Students).


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