Certificate Course in Developmental Psychology

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Eligibility :

  • Anyone from high school can join the same
  • Anyone from any educational background can join the same
  • Anyone Interested to learn about developmental psychology can join the same

Syllabus of  Program :

Module 1: Introduction to Developmental Psychology

  • Introduction to Developmental Psychology
  • Historical Perspectives
  • Theories of Development: Freud, Erikson, and Piaget
  • Contemporary Theories: Vygotsky and Bronfenbrenner

Module 2: Prenatal and Infancy Development

  • Prenatal Development
  • Teratogens and Their Effects
  • Cognitive Development in Infancy (Piaget’s Sensorimotor Stage)
  • Attachment Theory (Bowlby and Ainsworth)

Module 3: Childhood and Adolescence

  • Cognitive Development in Childhood 
  • Language Development
  • Social Development in Childhood
  • Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages

Module 4: Adulthood

  • Cognitive Development in Adulthood
  • Moral Development (Kohlberg)

Module 5: Aging

  • Aging and Physical Changes
  • Cognitive Changes in Aging: Memory, Attention, Crystallized and Fluid Intelligence.

Learning Outcomes:

The certificate course in Developmental Psychology will assist students in adeptly discussing developmental theories, milestones, and historical influences, analyzing prenatal and infancy development, evaluating childhood and adolescent cognitive and social aspects, appraising adult cognitive and moral development, and examining aging’s effects on physical and cognitive changes across the lifespan.

Process for Registration

Step 1: Select appropriate batch you wish to opt for
Step 2: Complete Checkout Process and Payment
Step 3: You will receive an a google classroom invite 1 day before the program begins.
Step 4: Our team will be contacting you 1 da before the program starts for all details and briefing.


Are classes held live?

You got it! Imagine being at a virtual classroom bash – our classes are all about real-time interaction. But hold onto your hats, because there’s more! We’re not just hitting the live button; we’re also recording these sessions for your convenience.

What about learning materials like PPTs and readings?

Brace yourself for the goodies! Once you’ve rocked the class, we’re handing you a treasure trove of PPTs and reading materials. It’s like getting an all-access backstage pass to the world of knowledge. 🎤📚

Will my certificates be internationally recognized?

Hold onto your seats because our certificates are like global explorers! They’re not just certificates; they’re golden tickets to show off your brilliance worldwide. Get ready to be a recognized star wherever you go. ✈️🌍

How can I submit my awesome tasks?

Get ready to flaunt your skills! Simply send us your tasks on Google Docs or Google Slides. Think of it as launching a confetti cannon of creativity – your brilliance deserves to shine!

How fast is the certificate magic?

We’re all about excitement without the roller coaster rush. Your certificate will be ready around 20-25 days after the course ends. You’ll be holding your achievement in your hands before you know it!

Will I receive a hard copy certificate?

You bet! Along with your e-certificate, a hard copy will make its way to you. It’s like having a physical piece of your success story to cherish!

How long until I get my hard copy certificate?

Patience is key! Expect your hard copy about 10 days after your e-certificate is uploaded. Your well-deserved recognition is en route!

Can I become a practitioner after the course?

Absolutely! After completing specific courses, you can level up to become a practitioner. Just remember, some courses might need a master’s in psychology to unlock this achievement. You’re on the path to expertise!

Can I join the Certificate course?

Without a doubt! Our Certificate courses are designed for psychology students, and some are open to all. Everyone gets a chance to dive into the fascinating world of psychology!

Can I snag an LOR from you folks?

Of course! If you need a Letter of Recommendation, just give us a shout. We’re here to help and support your journey!

When’s the invite to the coolest club after payment?

Hold onto your excitement hats! You’ll get the VIP treatment with an invite to our Google space and Google Classroom. The party’s starting just a day or two after the payment, so you’re all set to dive in headfirst!

Can I dial up my teachers for a chat?

While we don’t have a direct hotline to your teachers, you can always send them a snazzy email or chat with the teacher or chat up your team leader. We’re all about keeping the lines of communication open!

What’s this alternative option you’re talking about?

Say hello to the “batch shift”! It’s like a cool lane change on your learning journey. If your current schedule isn’t jiving with your course, you can shift to another batch that suits you better with a small fee. Think of it as a chance to sync up your learning groove.

Are there any basic criteria for completing the course?

Yes, to maintain the value of the course and certification our team follows various norms to qualify for the completion certificate basic is to have at least 60% attendance and a minimum of 50% marks for successful completion else the participation certificate will be awarded for 10% and above.


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Certificate Course in Developmental Psychology
1,999.00 (Inc. GST )
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