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Uncover the mysteries of criminal behavior in Cognizavest’s one-month live online course on criminal profiling. Explore fundamental concepts such as psychological profiling, critical thinking, and historical perspectives. Distinguish between inductive and deductive profiling methodologies and delve into the role of salience in investigative processes. Led by industry experts, this course offers a concise yet comprehensive exploration of criminal profiling techniques, combining theory with practical applications. Elevate your skills in understanding and analyzing criminal behavior by enrolling in this immersive program today.

Course Details:



  • Introduction to Profiling
  • Types of Profiling
  • Historical Aspects of Criminal Profiling
  • Psychological Profiling
  • Role of Critical Thinking and Bias in Criminal Profiling
  • Inductive Profiling vs. Deductive Profiling
  • Salience


  • Bachelor Students:
    • Open to students currently pursuing or those who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in any field.
  • Masters Students:
    • Available for students currently pursuing or those who have completed a Master’s degree in any field.
  • Professionals:
    • Welcoming professionals actively working in fields related to any discipline and who are interested in the specific course topics.
  • Enthusiasts and General Audience:
    • Open to anyone keen on exploring and gaining insights into the course subject matter, regardless of academic or professional background.


  1. Live Class Recordings:
    • Revisit the excitement of live class recordings at any time during the entire course duration.
  2. Exclusive Access to Course Materials:
    • Immerse yourself in a comprehensive knowledge journey with exclusive access to course materials throughout the entire duration.
  3. Lifetime Access to Supervision Community:
    • Become a part of a lifelong community of experts.
    • Receive perpetual guidance through Lifetime Access to our Supervision Community.
  4. Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Opportunity:
    • Elevate your achievements by requesting a personalized Letter of Recommendation upon successful course completion.
  5. Digital Certificate:
    • Receive a representation of your accomplishments with a digital certificate.
  6. Optional Transcript:
    • Choose to opt for a transcript as a supplementary document (optional)

Key Highlights:

  • Vibrant Virtual Classroom:
    • Engage in live classes using the dynamic Google Meet and Classroom platform, creating an interactive and collaborative learning environment.
  • Fully Digital Learning Experience:
    • Immerse yourself in a comprehensive online course, allowing you to access knowledge from anywhere, anytime.
  • Earn Credits for Your Efforts:
    • Achieve academic recognition with credits awarded upon successful completion of the program.
  • Internationally Accredited:
    • Gain confidence in your education with an internationally accredited course, validating the quality and global recognition of your learning journey.
  • Expertly Crafted Materials:
    • Dive into learning materials meticulously designed by experts, ensuring a captivating and insightful educational experience.
  • Interactive Learning Approach:
    • Experience education beyond the textbook through interaction-based learning, making concepts come alive.
  • Real-world Applications with Case Studies:
    • Explore practical scenarios and enhance your problem-solving skills with engaging case studies.
  • Guidance from Expert Trainers:
    • Receive dedicated support and guidance from expert trainers throughout your educational journey.

Program Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction to Criminal Profiling:
    Overview of the purpose and methodologies involved in criminal profiling, emphasizing its role in crime investigation and resolution.
  • Types of Profiling:
    Recognition and understanding of different profiling approaches, including geographic profiling, psychological profiling, and investigative profiling, each tailored to specific investigative needs.
  • Historical Aspects:
    Exploration of the historical development of criminal profiling, identifying key historical milestones and influential figures that shaped the evolution of this investigative technique.
  • Psychological Profiling:
    In-depth examination of psychological profiling, focusing on the analysis of offenders’ behaviors, motives, and psychological characteristics to create a comprehensive investigative profile.
  • Critical Thinking and Bias:
    Emphasis on the role of critical thinking in criminal profiling, along with an awareness of potential biases and their impact on the profiling process, promotes a balanced and objective approach.
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Step 2: Complete Checkout Process and Payment
Step 3: You will receive an a google classroom invite 1 day before the program begins.
Step 4: Our team will be contacting you 1 da before the program starts for all details and briefing.

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Certificate Course in Criminal Profiling
999.00 (Inc. GST )
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