Certificate Course in Behavioral Medicine

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About the Course :

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of Behavioral Medicine with Cognizavest’s comprehensive 2-month online live certificate course. This course is open to everyone, including healthcare professionals, researchers, students, and individuals interested in understanding the intricate connection between behavior and health outcomes. Delve into the fascinating field of Behavioral Medicine as expert instructors guide you through interactive sessions, engaging discussions, and practical case studies.

Throughout the course, you will explore a wide range of topics. Gain valuable insights into the integration of psychology and medicine, and learn how behavioral interventions can positively impact individuals and communities.

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Certificate Course Details :

Key Highlights:

Inclusions :

Additional Accreditation & Recognition :-

Eligibility :

  • Bachelors Students (Completed or Pursuing) from a psychology background
  • Masters students (Completed or Pursuing) from a psychology background
  • Professionals working in any field
  • Those interested in Behavioral Therapy  and want to learn the same

Syllabus of  Program :

  • Introduction To Behavioral Medicine
  • Importance Of Behavioral Medicine In Clinical Psychology
  • Domains To Be Covered In BM:
    • Dermatology
    • Gastrointestinal
    • General Medical Conditions
    • Cardiology
    • Oncology
  • Explaining The Basics Of These Biological Systems
  • Disorders To Be Included With Symptoms And Psychological Interventions For The Same.

Key Learning of the Program :

  • Students will be able to understand how behavioral help can be responsible for bringing change in health behavior and healthcare.
  • Students will be able to understand the different domains in which behavioral medicine can be applied.
  • Students will be able to understand the application of psychological interventions in various kinds of disorders.
  • Help students understand the liaisoning with various kinds of departments and thus function more effectively in a hospital or clinical setting.
  • Gain more knowledge regarding the physical aspects of disorders and not just the psychological ones.
Process for Registration

Step 1: Select appropriate batch you wish to opt for
Step 2: Complete Checkout Process and Payment
Step 3: You will receive an a google classroom invite 1 day before the program begins.
Step 4: Our team will be contacting you 1 da before the program starts for all details and briefing.


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