#1 Psychology Internship Programs by Cognizavest

Cognizavest’s does not believe in theory based education. We are well known for practical based education programs. 10K+ students can’t be wrong who believed & succeeded with us.

rci registered experts

Our Trainers/Experts are RCI registered, so nothing to worry that you’ll learn from newbie. 

aim to skill development

We aim on working on your skills so that it makes you ready for future.

best learning experience

50 Batches & 10K+ successful students are proof of Cognizavest’s learning experience.

We Deliver Excellence

Practical based Learning

We deliver as much as practical sources, case studies so that students could get best of concept.

We encourage students

We are not like those who just get paid & deliver non-valuable skills. We encourage our students by awarding them for every success of their career.

Beyond the programs

You don’t get best level of education by Cognizavest, but also an exposure to deal with our real clients. 

Wait ! We have more

best learning experience

You will never disappointed with education systems, trainers and faculty. Eight thousands plus successful students are evidence of our quality.

opportunity to grow with us

Cognizavest is one of the fastest growing Institute in the field of Psychology. So, you get an opportunity to work with us. You should not miss this chance.

easy to your pocket

Cost is also a factors that makes us so popular in India. Our all Internship Programs are cost effective. And we believe you can afford this easily.

certificate & performance letter

We award Certificate along with Performance letter  once you complete Internship program with us.

60/120/150 Hours Internship Programs

Clinical Psychology Internship & Training Program

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Counselling Psychology Internship & Training Program

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Industrial & Organizational Psychology Internship & Training Program

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Forensic Psychology Internship & Training Program

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Basic of Psychology Internship & Training Program

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Child Psychology Internship & Training Program

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Frequently Asked Question

Internships and training are a month-long program giving you off-the-job training to understand the bridging between the theory learned in college and on-field practicing. We give you an experience for it is actually like to be a counseling/clinical/forensic/child/organizational/school psychologist. 

No, if you enroll in the internship and training program, you learn to be in the profession. This does not mean hiring an employee for the company. 

The structure of the internship is like having sessions (alternate days for a 60-hour internship, every day for a 120/240-hour internship) and completing tasks given on daily basis. 

Experts in the field of each domain of psychology take the sessions. They have training and experience. They’re simply the best in the field. 

We have a Basics in Psychology internship for you all, we got you covered, don’t worry:) 

No. These internships require time, effort and consistency. We wouldn’t suggest taking up more than 2 programs maximum at once. 

Yes, you will get an e-certificate with performance letter. 

Yes, you can the procedure is shared for the same after completion of the program.

Drop us an email after you have completed your internship. We can  process your request from there. 

This internship is an academic training based internship, it in no way gives you placements. Although you can put it in your resume and apply for jobs. We have altogether a different placement cell called the ‘Psychology Scoot’. 

Absolutely yes. It will in fact add a lot of value to your resume. 

These internships are off the job training, helping you bridge the gap between the theory learned and actual application in the profession. 

For a 60 hour internship, 2 hours each day for a month. For a 120 hour internship, 4 hours everyday for a month. For a 240 hour internship, 4 hours everyday for 2 months. 

We appreciate your interest, but NO. You cannot start practicing as a psychologist without a master’s degree in psychology or a clinical psychologist without an MPhil degree in Clinical Psychology.  

Actually the programs are designed by our experts and the content for the same is available till the program ends. We would encourage you to make notes so that it can be really helpful to you.

Yes. If you register in groups you get discounts. You may check the program page for the same. 

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