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Gender and organization

Gender and gender discrimination has been a fascinating topic for every field, be it sociology, psychology etc. In this article I am trying to explore that how gender and organizations are related. my research even during my Phd is focused toward the gender discrimination or differences in organization. different terms that like glass ceiling and glass cliff.

if i actually understand the reason behind the differences that are there i understand them as social and cognitive conditioning that take place rather than actually they are existing.

the conditioning that place from our childhood. girls and boys are actually conditioned for their gender roles which work as their expectation for them when it comes to the interactions they make in social conditions. if a manger conditioned with the cognition that female should always take care of their family first and then anything else, he would never take his female employee seriously or would not promote her to the higher ladders because of his belief. In this scenario its fault of the cognition rather than the policies of organization.

these cognition that are conditioned into the minds basically have their origin from our society, which has unwritten norms according to the gender . these expectation also lays ground for the discrimination that take place in organization.

along with this, there were also gender differences in the leadership style. but what I have observed is that these differences are again because of theĀ  expected roles for different genders. women are expected to be soft and calm thus becoming relationship oriented leader and males are expected to be bold and hard thus, goal oriented leaders.

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